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The prospect that your own dog is also your driver is very curious. Can you really drive an animal?

A few years ago, Porter became the first dog of history in drive a car. There is no cheating or cardboard: Porter actually drove a car on a closed circuit, and even took a 180 degree turn, and parked. Incredibly, too put the gears. You can see it in the opening video of the news. But some things need to be explained.

The idea of teach a dog to drive It seems very extravagant, but it has an explanation. She was part of a campaign by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The idea was that the abandoned and mistreated dogs that this society collects are very smart animals and with eager to learn, capable even of drive a car. So they deserve the chance to be adopted. Every year the SPCA picks up more than 37,000 stray animals from the streets and finds them homes.

As a promotional campaign to cause an impact it is very good, but one thing is the idea, and another to put it into practice…

Teaching a dog to drive

To achieve this milestone the SPCA trained three dogs, Monty, Ginny, and Porterfor two months, with a specialized trainer.

To make it possible, they divided driving into ten basic tasks: put the gear, brake, accelerate, turn left and right, etc. The dogs learned these tasks separately, associated with a specific command from their trainer. This alone already has a lot of merit.

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for a domestic dog can rideYou have to adapt the car. As we see in the video the steering wheel has a rough cover so that the legs do not slip. Functions such as putting the car on the mark is a button, not a key, and to get to the brake and the pedals they had to adapt a pulsation mechanism with their feet.

Completed the training, the test occurs. whatDoes Porter the dog drive the car or not?? It depends on how you interpret it. Technically yes. It is he who steps on the accelerator, turns the wheel in the curve, and brakes to park.

But he only does it because His trainer is giving him the orders with the task to be carried out at all times.. Porter the dog is unaware of driving, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He only follows the commands that he tells his trainer: Put the paw here, move the paws to the side to turn, etc.

Even so, the training has great merit because learning so many different tasks is not easy. And he is surprised how the dog stays still and calm while he drives like a person.

In any case, this video of the first dog driving a carcaused a great impact a few years ago, and achieved its objective: to demonstrate how intelligent, docile and predisposed to learn are the abandoned dogs. Why not adopt one?


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