During his visit to Chile, the former vice president of the autonomous community maintained that this people is demanding their self-determination just as the Latin American nations from Chile to Mexico, also from the Spanish crown, did before.

Monday November 21, 2022 5:19 p.m.

In a conversation on Radioanalisis, the politician and former vice president of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, referred to his visit to Latin America, the relationship of the Catalan country with Spain and the right to independence exercised by the States.

In conversation with the director of Radio Universidad de Chile, Patricio López, the member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies stated that the Catalan administration is convinced that “in the face of certain fully legitimate democratic wills, there is a response from a part of the traditionally constituted powers” to prevent that desire to become independent from the crown.

“We have seen how the judiciary has been used to separate people as relevant as the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, Lula at the time or the then mayor of Bogotá Gustavo Petro. Similar things have seemed with President (Rafael) Correa, (Evo) Morales, etc., but this also happens in some places in Europe, such as in Catalonia, ”she stated.

Regarding the division of Spain, Junqueras declared that Catalonia is a country “deeply democratic”, republican and led by a party (Republican Left) located in the center European left. “Our will is that our citizens can democratically choose the future by voting and that is what we have always tried, winning all the elections in our country without exception”, he highlighted.

Likewise, the parliamentarian maintained that the Catalan authorities have constantly appealed to the democratic principle of the right to independence and international lawsince the will of the autonomous community is the same that countries such as “Ireland with respect to the United Kingdom, Norway with respect to Sweden and Iceland with respect to Denmark” have exercised.

“There is a multitude of precedents through which, with the exercise of the right to self-determination, the right to vote and the democratic principle, many States have been constituted. In fact, three quarters of the states that currently exist in the world have achieved their independence during the 20th century. Therefore, our request is part of a very common process in the world throughout the last century, ”he said.

Along the same lines, Junqueras maintained that despite that democratic principle, the response of a part of the Spanish State apparatus is always repression, which has happened with Catalonia throughout history. “We are a party with 92 years of history without any case of corruption and despite all of this, we were the party that suffered the most reprisals with hundreds of elected mayors who were shot in the Franco regime”, he explained.

According to the former vice president of Catalonia, the reason his country seeks independence is for democratic reasons and because they want to govern themselves. “That will expressed in different countries throughout history and in particular in Latin America with respect to the Spanish State is exactly the same as that produced in Catalonia. It is to follow that path that Chileans, Argentines and from here to Mexico have followed before us, ”he acknowledged.

“We want Spain to do well, to do as well as possible in economic and social terms, because we are convinced that if our neighbors do well, we will also do well,” he added.

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Source: radio.uchile.cl

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