Asia Cesarz, the first Polish Plus Size Supermodel, currently as a psychotherapist and sexologist, focuses on supporting her patients. “I feel a bit retired,” she laughs when I ask her about her Instagram activity. Or maybe it’s just that when a man finally sorts out his relationship with the body, he just doesn’t have to go back to it all the time? Isn’t that what body positivity is all about?

  • Asia Cesarz was one of the first faces of sprouting body positivity in Poland. She knows almost everything about being a plus size girl who is not afraid to be in the media.
  • Over the past two years, the Emperor has changed her approach to fashion. “I was her prisoner, and now I understand that she is to serve me!” explains the model.
  • Read the latest interview conducted by Kaja Gołuchowska

Kaja Gołuchowska: You are the first winner of the “Plus Size Supermodel” title in Poland. It’s been 5 years. Why did you go to that show?

Asia Emperor: I went to the program firstly with the mission of showing that in a larger size you can look cool and be satisfied with yourself, and on the other hand, so that my career would gain momentum. At that time, I was running a typical “model” Instagram, I had already had therapy, which put some things in order in my head – then it seemed to me that everything – and I felt ready.

KG: And what was the biggest challenge to undo in therapy in the context of your relationship with the body at that time – what ultimately allowed you to change your attitude towards it?

AC: Peers were a big problem. Sometimes I heard I was a fat whale. I also saw the difference between me and my friends from school. I’ve always been bigger, different. Boys my age were not interested in me, rather older men. I’ve also been on a million different diets and experienced what I now recognize as an eating disorder, but I didn’t really go to therapy for that first time for those reasons. I wanted to get to know myself. I realized that I have a lot of cool resources that make me a person and that is my strength. It’s not like I’m 100% right now. I accept myself and I have no problem with myself. I simply gave myself permission to the fact that striving for a certain canon does not have to be my most important goal in life, because I have other things to do. By arranging everything around, I also changed my relationship with the body, and later in the program it was a lot for me to appear in front of the camera without makeup. He has always been a mask for me. Now I go without it very often.

KG: What is your mission now?

AC: I am at a stage where I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve, but at the same time I feel like I am missing a goal. Adulthood slapped me hard in the face and I wonder if this is it?

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KG: 27 is a difficult age! That’s true. You were one of the first faces of Polish body positivity. How do you see the development of this movement in Poland?

AC: I sometimes feel like I’m retired from it all (laughs). I am very busy with my patients and I try to help specific people in the office. There are also many topics related to the body. Of course, I’m also involved in online campaigns that are important to me, but I think I’ve already done a lot online and now I’m prioritizing one-on-one work.

KG: I want to ask you about your perception of fashion. There used to be an attitude to dress in such a way as to hide your supposed imperfections. Then it started to talk about highlighting the advantages. What is Your position? Is fashion an important part of your body positivity?

AC: Yes definitely. I used to dress to fit into these different patterns you’re talking about. I was a prisoner of this approach! Tight blouses, emphasized neckline, skirts, but always covered thighs – theoretically this is the best for my figure. I looked like a perfect hourglass. Now I wear what I feel comfortable in. And that’s it! Sometimes, of course, I want to look sexy, but I am guided primarily by my inner needs, not the perception of the world. Flared pants, katanas – that’s what I look like most often. I will tell you that I am so proud of myself that I finally approach fashion as fashion, and not as something that is supposed to show that I am better or more valuable. This fashion is meant to serve me!

KG: Sounds great, but does that mean you’re completely liberated from your complexes?

AC: Of course not! I just found healthy ways to deal with them. For the last year I’ve had a grudge against my hands, so when I buy clothes, I order ones with 3/4 sleeves. For the holidays I bought myself a lot of thin bedspreads, not to boil in them, but to feel comfortable. I’m much more practical about it, it’s just not something I struggle with anymore. Body positivity doesn’t have to be in the foreground all the time, I don’t have it on the poster above my bed, because simply my relationship with the body is something I’ve worked through. Now I give my energy to new challenges. At the same time, I know that for many women it is important that I appear in the media. girls plus size there is still too little in them, so I proudly represent them whenever I get the chance.

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