The latest scam that users are facing comes in the form of a call from Movistar agents and tries to steal all your data.

Day in and day out, the scams do not stop and because of this you have to always stay alert so as not to fall for these deceptions. Today a new scam has been discovered in which the Movistar name is used to deceive users and manage to steal different data that they can later use to carry out other crimes.

It has been thanks to the publication of a user in the Movistar forum that this scam has come to light. What this user comments makes it clear from the first minute that it is a scam since, supposedly, Movistar I had called him to tell him that they would raise the rate and he would start paying 20 euros more starting next month.

To make the situation even more suspicious, the options that this supposed Movistar operator offered the recipient of the call were three: accept the increase of 20 euros in his rate, unsubscribe from Movistar or receive a call from another telephone company that Movistar would have searched for him.

Simply by hearing this, the user has realized that the situation is too strange to be real and, therefore, has decided to hang up on this assumption. operator. Of course, to be completely sure, he has decided to call Movistar to obtain more information; thus getting the company itself to confirm that it is a scam.

Operators that pretend to be Movistar and want to steal all your data with the excuse of a rise in your rate

By taking advantage of prices and of the rises of these in the last year It can make some somewhat clueless person fall into the trap of these scammers. Movistar has answered this person and confirmed his suspicions, the call you received is completely false and it is a scam.

The situation is a problem for both Movistar and users, although it is not the only company that has been affected by this situation. In fact, investigating this matter, we have found that the situation is also repeated with Vodafone. In both cases, the scammers talk about a price increase.

Taking into account everything that has been said, the only way to act to avoid this type of scam is, in the event of receiving a call of this type, not to offer any type of information that could end up being used against us. Also, no operator will so cheerfully offer a change of company.


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