We already know that ‘hate’ is going to rain on us for this, but it definitely had to be said and we are going to do it: Miley Cyrus gave one of the most disappointing closings we have seen in the history of Corona Capitahe. And no, the net we are not exaggerating.

For this 2022 edition, one of the largest in the history of the festival, Corona Capital chose Miley to close the main stage this Sunday, November 20 where in previous days they closed, with a flourish, bands like My Chemical Romance and the Arctic Monkeys. The bad thing is that it did not meet the expectation.

Miley Cyrus was left to duty as the headliner of Corona Capital 2022
Photo: Crown Capital

Miley Cyrus arrived at the Corona Capital as one of the main acts

Days before, the American singer had begun to cause a kind of controversy for cut 15 minutes of his show at the Corona Capital (she was originally going to play from 10:30 pm to midnight), however, few cared and were looking forward to the 29-year-old singer’s show.

At 10:30 p.m. sharp, Miley came out like a rockstar on stage to please her fans, who spent all day in the sun and were even indifferent to bands and artists who came out before her, as was the case with Kim Gordon and IDLES.

Miley Cyrus was left to duty as the headliner of Corona Capital 2022
Photo: Crown Capital

Oh well. Miley kicked off her show with “Wrecking Ball” after asking the Mexican public if they wanted a little fun. This song, one of the most talked about in Miley’s career in recent years, was followed by “Plastic Hearts” and “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

“Thank you for having me, Mexico. I was going to tell you that it’s going to be my birthday next week, but you should know by now.” said the singer before performing said song where she duetted with Mark Ronson, this in the year 2019, and after they sang “Las Mañanitas” for her.

During the show he talked about topics such as anxiety and creative freedom.

“There is a part of my life that I like to take up again and this show is important because something that I always wanted to do…I want to do something different on this show because I want it to be special… I don’t just want to play, I want to be with you. May it be special for you and for me”., indicated the singer.

The show, which lasted about an hour, was followed by songs like “Shut Me Down (Bang Bang)”a cover of Cher, as well as “See you again”, “Cant’ Be Tamed” and “Mother’s Daughter”in which Miley was accompanied by her mother and where she took the opportunity to talk about the importance of her freedom to write, to be herself and to make music.

“Angels Like You” and “Midnight Sky” They continued on a night where the singer’s words were definitely enough. Proof of this was the long speech that Miley Cyrus gave before playing “7 Things”, which was chanted by many and many.

“I will ask you this question: have you ever felt anxious, very fucking anxious for no reason, afraid? That’s what happened to me when I’m alone, but I don’t feel alone anymore.” said the also actress when she opened up about the anxiety she feels.

Miley Cyrus was left to duty as the headliner of Corona Capital 2022
Photo: Crown Capital

Miley Cyrus’s set only lasted an hour and played 15 songs

“I want to ask you, how has my music made you feel? Sing this song with me and let’s make fear disappear.”she said before singing the song she wrote several years ago for one of her ex-boyfriends, Nick Jonas, and with which Miley let us see that her talent does not diminish one bit despite the passage of time.

after touching “23” and “Dooo It!”, Miley took the time to give –again– some emotional words before singing “The Climb” and giving us the emotional moment of a night where she interacted with her ecstatic fans (at least the ones in the front rows).

“All those songs that were written to help them are now for me. I need to hear this next, probably more than anyone, since it’s about not giving up.”, said the singer before singing said song that we heard for the first time in the Hannah Montana movie, 13 years ago.

Finally Miley chose “We Can’t Stop” and “Party in the USA” to end with a set that lasted much less than agreed and that as a final image let us see the singer picking up Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals that several fans threw at him on stage.

We love Miley, but she was on duty at Corona Capital 2022

After the Corona stage lights came on, we can say that several had a somewhat strange ‘taste in their mouths’ due to Miley’s performanceWell, we were left with the feeling that the American singer could well have made history at the festival.

However, we are also aware that many factors played a role in preventing this from happening, beginning with the fact that this Sunday many already went with 20% energy and that the organization of the bands on the main stage was probably not the most successful.

Photo: Crown Capital

To that we must add (and from what we could hear) the anxiety that Miley Cyrus could be experiencing approaching 30the same thing that could make him want to cut with a set where at least he showed once again the great capacity he has to give a show.

Although we are fans of the American singer and we enjoy listening to classic gems on your setlistwe cannot say that his show as headliner of the festival was one of the best because, compared to others, he lacked a lot to reach the bar.

Now it will depend on each person and the lens through which they look: for some Miley Cyrus it could be one of the most emotional and beautiful shows of the festival, but for others it was simply a concert that could well have closed on another stage to give space to another artist from Corona Capital…

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