Find out who plays the role of Captain America in one of the most recent comics.

It is well known that Captain America He is one of the most popular and iconic heroes that we can find within the Marvel Universe. His skills in combat and with the use of his shield, added to his speed, agility, strength, and ability to create plans, make him one of the best superheroes without superpowers.

Steve Rogers has been a part of the main and most exciting Marvel stories for many years, but recently it has been revealed that another well-known Marvel character plays the role of Captain America in an alternate reality.

Below we will tell you more details about it, but it is important that you keep in mind that this post contains spoilers for volume #11 of the comic Avengers Forever from Marvel.

The new Captain America

In a recent preview of volume #11 of the new Marvel comic called Avengers Foreverthere is a character that many of us know and that, In an alternate reality, he plays Captain America..

Cover of volume #11 of the Avengers Forever comic

Cover of volume #11 of Marvel’s Avengers Forever comic

In this volume of the aforementioned comic, Norman Osborn has unleashed a great deal of chaos, hiring soldiers who begin to believe themselves masters of the law and want to impose themselves on all those who do not comply with Osborn’s wishes. These groups of soldiers call themselves the Goblin Corps.

that’s when Captain America arrivesexcept that this character is not the Steve Rogers that we know, but rather is nothing more and nothing less than Nick Fury. Captain America is surrounded by the Green Goblin’s soldiers, and appears to be cornered, but Ant-Man, Deathlok, and Ghost Rider arrive to rescue him.

Nick Fury as Captain America in volume #11 of Marvel's Avengers Forever comic

Nick Fury as Captain America in volume #11 of Marvel’s Avengers Forever comic

These three heroes (Ant-Man, Deathlok and Ghost Rider) they help Fury fight the Goblin Corps, managing to defeat them. Once taken care of, the heroes confess to Captain America that his time has run out, and his time has come to enter into a final battle to save the Multiverse.

The final battle to save the Multiverse

is about to unleash the final battle in which the heroes must face the Multiversal Masters of Evil (which in Spanish would be “Masters of Evil of the Multiverse” either “Masters of Evil of the Multiverse”) in an attempt to save the various realities and universes.

Star Panther, Carol Corps as Captain Marvel, Steve Rogers’ army of Howling Commandos, Thor, Robbie Reyes’ All-Rider and now Nick Fury’s Captain America, they will be the heroes who will bravely fight in the final battle to save the Multiverse.

In this battle, the heroes will have to fight against different villains from various parts of the Multiverse (hence the name “Masters of Evil of the Multiverse”). In the next pages of Marvel comics we will be able to witness an epic battle between different realities break out.

Masters of Evil

Considering the large number of versions and variants of characters that Marvel has introduced in its comics, it is not unusual that Nick Fury is now playing the role of Captain America. His ambition, fighting spirit and his hunger for justice, make him the perfect character to be Captain America.

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