In the Belgorod unit, two privates were defiantly detained for disobeying an order.  One of them is a mobilized man who refused to return to the front.


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November 20 at Ukrainian and Russian (including pro-war) telegram channels distributed a video of the demonstrative detention of two Russian servicemen. How claims the Veteran’s Notes channel, which was one of the first to publish the video, the recording was made in the Belgorod region. Who and when filmed the video, is not specified.

On the recording, the commander calls two privates in turn. After that, the investigator reports that on November 16, a criminal case was initiated against them for failure to comply with the order (Part 2.1 of Article 332 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). An armed military police escort then detains the soldiers and puts them in a vehicle. At the same time, the hands of the first serviceman are severely wringing their hands during the arrest.

The detention takes place on the construction of military personnel on the parade ground, in front of the formation of other soldiers. At the end of the video, the commander announces that the next formation is at 15:00. Whether one of the servicemen was then detained is unknown.

According to the Veteran’s Notes telegram channel, the detainees are in different units. The authors of the channel claim that the reason for the case against the privates was that they “first verbally and then in writing refused to comply with the order of the unit commander to leave for the war zone.”

It is difficult to make out the names of the detainees on the recording. Only their names are clearly audible, which the commander calls – Selivanov and Degtyarev. In what status – mobilized or contract soldiers – they served, it is not clear from the video.

The video itself, apparently, was assembled from several fragments. This is indicated by gluing on the recording, as well as different times of detention of the privates – Selivanov was detained at 14:17, Degterev – at 13:20.

Lawyer Maxim Grebenyuk, also published video with the detention of privates in his telegram channel, noted that there was no need to detain a military man who was on the territory of a military unit. This happened “for the edification of others, exclusively,” the lawyer believes.

According to him, if the rank and file were mobilized, who did not sign a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, then most likely the case would fall apart.

“Polygon. Media» talked with the wife of one of the detained refuseniks, Tatyana Degtyareva. She confirmed that her husband, Yuri Degtyarev, refused to go “to the front line”, from where he “just returned.” According to her, her husband was detained on November 17, and now he is awaiting trial in Voronezh.

“He was mobilized on September 22, he has no combat experience, only military service 10 years ago. After receiving the summons, the husband was taken to the town of Boguchar in the Voronezh region. He stayed there for about two weeks, there was no preparation as such, ”said Degtyareva.

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According to Degtyareva, at night (when exactly, she did not say), the mobilized were sent without warning to the Luhansk region, where they came under fire without command and decided to retreat. After that, the servicemen were sent to a unit in the Belgorod region, where a video was filmed. There, according to the wife of the mobilized, they tried to intimidate the soldiers and return them to the front line. According to Degtyareva, the men refused to “go again as cannon fodder.”

Degtyareva, citing relatives of other mobilized people, said that most of the servicemen refused to return to the front line.

“The next day they were loaded into Kamaz trucks and taken in an unknown direction. According to rumors, those who nevertheless agreed were again (sent) to the front line, and those who did not, then somewhere in the basements, ”says the wife of the detainee.

This is not the first criminal case of non-execution of an order in wartime. At the end of October, the head of the Agora international human rights group, Pavel Chikov, said that a case under this article had been initiated against a contract serviceman. According to the investigation, the defendant “did not comply with the order given in the prescribed manner to leave on a business trip to participate in hostilities, thereby refusing to participate in hostilities.”

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