November is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that nothing important will happen in your life this month. On the contrary! The accent of planetary forces from the trine of water will change to the element of fire, which means that in the coming days you will still have a lot of turbulence. It is worth preparing for them. Check your weekly horoscope for the week of November 21-27.

This week, our affairs will finally enter a decisive phase, argues the Merkurja astrologer on the website. We will gain momentum and determination, we will start to act with more energy and optimism. The sun leaves the sign of Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius on Tuesday (November 22). The Moon, on the other hand, is headed for the New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday (November 23). Thanks to this change, the energy in our bodies will accelerate, we will feel pleasant excitement and willingness to act.

Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius have reasons to be happy

The fourth week of November will greet us with the conjunction of Mercury and Venus enhanced by the trine of the Sun and Jupiter, thanks to which single people will find a soul mate and a companion for conversation. This week we have a great chance of success – this applies especially to brave people who are not afraid to reach for their own. On Thursday (24.11) Jupiter will start to move in a simple motion, so its energy released from retrograde will help everyone to make dreams come true. This week will be especially favorable for those born in the signs of Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius – informs dziendobry.tvn.


Use this week for mental and physical renewal. It is worth thinking about a trip to the spa or a short vacation. The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23) will recharge your batteries and give you a solid boost of energy. This is a week of great opportunities, in which it is worth focusing on yourself and your strengths. Focus on what you do best and others will be impressed by what you do. You will be brave at work and in love. Single women have a chance for an unexpected and successful date. Take advantage of this opportunity, because this acquaintance will be a prognosis.


This is the best time to adore and win love, or to reconcile with someone who has temporarily offended you. This week does not tolerate inaction, therefore lazy people and those who stand still can be severely punished by planetary systems. This is not the time to be unmotivated and squirm away from your responsibilities. You must act – otherwise matters important to you will be resolved without your participation. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury (21/11) will give you a great opportunity. With each passing day, it will be harder and harder for you to muster up the courage.


A great week for twins! On Monday they will be under the care of Mercury, who will give them charm, charm and charm, and a nose for money. This week Gemini will rule and deal the cards. The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23) is the time to close old things and move on to new ones. People under this zodiac sign will be full of ideas and encourage others to act. This will make the people around you almost carry you on their hands. Thanks to this, you have a chance to accelerate your professional career, but also for exciting journeys and intensive work on the development of your relationship.


The sun will leave your favorable sign of Scorpio, but before that happens, it will leave you with a few surprises. On Monday (21.11) the trine between the Sun and Jupiter will help you in your work. In the coming days you will have to speed up, take some decisions and act strategically. On your way you will meet many inspiring people. The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23) will open up many new acquaintances that will appear unexpectedly and stay in your life for longer. Perhaps you will decide to take a trip that you have been maturing for some time. In health matters, abdominal pain associated with overacidity may appear.


The last time was not kind to Lviv, but now it will change. It will get optimistic and hot in various areas of life. You will finally feel liberated, and your potential and creativity will successfully go into action. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury (21/11) will remind old and new admirers how attractive you are, so soon you will be surrounded by a wreath of admirers. The entry of the Sun into the trine of fire (22.11) will give you the energy you have been dreaming about for a long time, so your physical strength will come back with double strength. On the other hand, the New Moon in Sagittarius (23/11) will make you shake off the sad thoughts and finally start focusing on what is good.


People under this zodiac sign should slow down a bit, because this week will be demanding and difficult for them. You will have to calm down the pace at which you work and perform duties for your family. Otherwise, you may not be able to handle all the problems. Things will pile up, deadlines will chase you – and all at the same time, which can be overwhelming. Venus and Mercury are square with your sign, so communication with the environment will deteriorate. It will be similar with the atmosphere in the partnership. The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23) will make Virgos impatient and irritable.


The new week will start well in the love sphere. There will be someone who will want to charm you and make an unforgettable impression on you. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus will draw your attention to making new acquaintances or renewing old but somewhat forgotten relationships. Someone will want to see you again, so don’t be surprised when you receive an unexpected text or hear your high school friend’s voice on the phone. The coming days will be promising, good and optimistic for scales. The transition of the Sun into the favorable sign of Sagittarius (22/11) will give your dreams a real shape. It promises to be a week of socializing and trips.


This week, the planets will change their position significantly and will no longer support your sign. Monday is the day when the trine of Jupiter and the Sun in your sign will make it possible to obtain consent or sign an important contract. It will get harder in the days to come. On Tuesday (22.11) the Sun will move into the sign of Sagittarius, which will weaken your forces. Someone may try to laugh at you, belittle you, or portray you as incompetent. You need to focus to maintain your possessions and not get involved in new projects, so this week do not act hastily and do not take on new challenges. In the next few days someone may want to get you.


It’s going to be a great week for people under this zodiac sign. Any case that the Sagittarius will deal with in the coming days will be successful. The Sun will leave the jealous sign of Scorpio and enter your zodiac phase (11/22), kicking off the season for big celebrations. The New Moon will trigger courage in Sagittarius and allow you to close uncomfortable matters from the past. You will become free, full of openness and appetite for what the future will bring. The thunderous Jupiter will be freed from the burden of retrogradation (24.11) and with joy he can shower you with various gifts. It will be very good in work, love and in the personal sphere. Only envy!


This week may be a bit more difficult and demanding. Few issues will make you happy… You will have the feeling that no one notices you and listens to you, no one takes you into account, and your appeals and requests pass like an echo. Unfortunately, the arrangements in the sky will be unfavorable for Capricorns. In the coming days, you will be stuck mostly on yourself and your own company. Don’t worry about the madness of others. Although you will miss other people, you will feel safe, but your well-being and emotions will be in a bad state.


The conjunction of Mercury and Venus can from the first days of the week set your relationships with others and turn the previously hostile attitude into a constructive dialogue. Others will treat you kindly and start appreciating everything you do. An inspiring business trip awaits you. You will do great in competitions, exam interviews and job interviews. The Sun’s transition into Sagittarius (22/11) will shed much better light on some important issues. The New Moon (23/11) will boost your self-esteem and make you smile at yourself again.


On Monday, the Sun will make a trine with Jupiter at the end of your sign. Time will start to run out, so this week is the last call to catch something good and make significant changes in your life. Jupiter starts to move straight (November 24) and will be out of your sign for 11 years… If you want to wait that long for the next opportunity, of course you can, but you better get to work! The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23) will provoke some differences of opinion and try to quarrel with someone important to you. If someone does not respect your privacy and separateness, it is high time to give up such a relationship.

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