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The decline and bad decisions lead the Portuguese to a self-destructive process. The new generation does not observe it the way Pepe or Coentrao did.

Cristiano, in training.PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRAAFP

The Ballon d’Ors Christian occurred in a pulse with Leo Messi that the Real Madrid-Barcelona dialectic raised above the football debate. The reality is that both deserved them, as banners of an era that finds its end in Qatar. Cristiano feels it in the flesh and blood, and that especially hurts who, without a doubt, is the Ballon d’Or of egomania. There is no debate about that.

Neither Cristiano nor Messi are already in the places from which they reached the top, but neither wants to admit it. That would not be competing. “I would like to give Messi the checkmate in soccer,” he said yesterday in Doha, the Portuguese, after posing next to the Argentine, face to face on a board. A commercial image that would never have occurred in the past. Neither the rivalry of then is already the same.

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The individualism of the Portuguese had taught him to live alone since, as a teenager, he left his native Madeira to listen to how they laughed at his accent in the lower categories of Sporting Lisbon. He couldn’t stand it. That was when he began to build his personality and his armor, but he never got over the syndrome of not feeling loved. The confidence acquired in himself, almost paranoid, allowed him to reach the top of football, but, at the time of decline, it also led him to badly design his ending. From Madrid to disaster.


Messi was, on the other hand, the best in the best context. Away from Bara, his work is mediocre for the number one of an extraordinary time, an Olympic gold and an America’s Cup. On the other hand, the prelude to the World Cup in Paris has brought back old sensations, and now he wants to show them again together with a new team, where they revere him. For Cristiano, however, it is a double torment, because, at the worst moment of his career, he competes outside and inside, in a Portugal of big names, not just the pages of the Ballon d’Or. joao flix either leo feel the same subservience towards the figure that the Pepe either Concentrate.

The Portuguese broke his umbilical cord with Manchester United, the club that took him to the first Champions League and the Ballon d’Or, in a fratricidal interview with the ‘Daily Mail’, full of resentment. saved alex ferguson, with whom he came to feel like close to the father he lost, but words turned against him, because few places like England combine the anger of ‘hooligans’ with respect. Now he is one step away from leaving Old Trafford, something he has caused, but hardly with a Champions League destiny. Disney football may be your destination.


Not even his teammate on the Manchester team and on the national team, Bruno Fernandes, I understood. He has played down the rebuff with which he received him in the concentration, but the reality is that Cristiano no longer has the predicament of before, because his teammates feel that Fernando Santos betray the sense of justice with its ownership. With erik tenhag it hasn’t been. The presence that before offered the tranquility of the goal to Portugal, now generates tension. The debate in the country is open. The burden weighs on Fernando Santos, who already knows what it’s like to win a Euro Cup without Cristiano in the final, injured in Saint Denis. He does what he does, be a schism.

For this reason, Cristiano was more restrained than expected in his first appearance, with very good words for the team, which he described as a “good mix” between young people and veterans. “Some like me more than others, but if at 38 I have something to prove, it would be to worry me,” he added, as if he wanted to accept what others decide. Inside, he doesn’t think so.

Neither the jump to Juve nor the return to Old Trafford. On this journey, Cristiano has placed himself in front of the mirror, which does not return the same, and with that image he arrives in Qatar. The lack of understanding has not only led him to spit on the club where he became a star, but also to distance himself from his agent, jorge mendes. He blames him for not having the destiny he would have wanted. Any misunderstanding leads to a self-destructive process, but without losing the ego: “I lack nothing. I have everything.” He lacks a World Cup. Like Messi.


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