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An information campaign by the City of Vienna is now intended to raise awareness and provide information about the dangerous knockout drops. Meanwhile, the number of victims is increasing…

It usually happens very quickly and, above all, unnoticed. It happens at parties, in bars, in clubs or even at Christmas parties. Knockout drops are an invisible danger and the number of women affected is increasing, as reported by the City of Vienna’s women’s emergency hotline. On the occasion of the “16 days against violence against women” a major campaign was presented to raise awareness again and should appeal to civil courage. “The dangerous thing about knockout drops is that you can’t smell or taste them. It is all the more important to take care of your own drink, of yourself and of others!” said Deputy Mayor Kathrin Gaál (SPÖ). Knockout drugs are various liquid or powder-like substances that quickly have a numbing effect. They are usually instilled into a drink and are colorless and odorless. The slightly bitter, salty or soapy aftertaste is hardly noticeable in mixed drinks. Knockout drugs can be administered by strangers, people you have just met, or by supposed friends. They make you vulnerable and defenseless. Sometimes they are used specifically to rape women. This year, 60 women have already contacted the city’s women’s emergency hotline. However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher. A case from the practice of the 24-hour women’s emergency hotline: The reports from women who were allegedly given knockout drugs sound something like this. Ms T., 44 years old, arranges to meet an acquaintance for a movie night together at his apartment. The acquaintance offers her tea. After the first third of the film, Ms. T. becomes extremely sleepy. She wakes up in the night on the sofa in her friend’s apartment with only her bra on. She doesn’t remember undressing. When she asks what happened, the acquaintance replies that she had consensual sex with him. Ms T. is shocked because she cannot remember and cannot explain her condition and the alleged events. Basically, you should never leave drinks unattended, friends should always watch out for each other. It’s very important to trust your own instinct – to leave the party with friends if you don’t feel well. In the event of sudden dizziness, nausea or an unknown, disinhibiting effect, the affected person should contact a person they trust or the bar staff. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call the police on 133! Since the detection window is small depending on the substance used, those affected should go to a hospital, such as the AKH, as quickly as possible. Rapid sampling of blood and urine and the associated documentation are important. Even if someone has not yet decided to file a complaint, it is important for possible criminal proceedings to secure samples, findings and photos of injuries. Suspected knockout drop attack at SPD summer party There was excitement at our German neighbors this summer. After the summer party of the SPD parliamentary group in Berlin with 1,000 guests, several women complained of feeling unwell, dizziness and memory loss. So all symptoms as you know them from victims of a knockout drop attack. But the chances of an explanation are obviously poor: According to the investigators, it could not be determined whether knockout drops were administered. In a total of ten cases, the police investigated because of dangerous bodily harm. In nine of the ten cases, the period had expired in which the drops could still have been medically proven. This shows that every second, every minute, every hour counts when it comes to reporting a suspicion or incident. The 24-hour women’s emergency hotline is the contact point for all women and girls aged 14 and over who have been affected by sexual, physical and/or psychological violence are or have experienced violence in the past – no matter how long ago the experience of violence was. The women’s emergency call team can be reached daily from midnight to midnight: 01/71719

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