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The limits of money that can be sent and received through Bizum have been modified, keep up to date as this will save you problems with the Treasury.

Bizum has become one of the most widely used money transfer services in Spain, which has made the Treasury decide to be aware of the transactions that are made using this service. Throughout the last few years, the minimum and maximum quantities of shipments of money have changed, let’s see these new limits.

The Treasury published in the Official State Gazette the maximum and minimum limits for sending money using Bizum. When setting limits, it must be understood that, as soon as they are exceeded, The Treasury can penalize users who do not declare these transactions using the appropriate forms and made available by the Treasury.

the limits of bizum They are clear, although this does not mean that there cannot be small variations depending on the bank with which we use the service. The positive thing that the Treasury has put its cards on the table is that all users can get an idea of ​​what can happen if they do not follow what is marked.

Taking all this into account, we find ourselves with a situation that must be studied since it is necessary to avoid any type of fine in this regard. Of course, before starting with the Bizum limits set by the Treasury, it must be taken into account that there are two situations to take into account: individuals and companies.

The Treasury sets limits on money transfers using Bizum

The transfers that can be received per month have decreased and, now, only 60 of these transactions can be received. The limit for money transfers is still not established, so it depends entirely on the balance of each person’s account. The limit amount of money that can be sent per day is 1,200 euros and up to 2,000 euros in some entities.

Of course, the fixed limit of money received per month is 5,000 euros. In principle, any transaction made through Bizum is subject to the ability of the Treasury to inspect it. Of course, the alarms go off when the amounts exceed 9,999 euros since from 10,000 euros the movement must be declared to the Treasury.

Failure to make the corresponding declaration allows the Treasury to fine the user who has made this shipment. The fines have a fairly wide range, starting with 600 euros and in the case of 10,000 euros, it can lead to a fine of 5,000 euros. It is clear that it is a measure to prevent fraud and that it has specific users in its sights.


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