He wrote a million times: unlearn, ignoramuses, eyes! Look who’s in the infirmary at the Capitals, and in general, what kind of team they are.

First of all, this is one of the oldest franchises in the NHL. At the beginning of the championship, only Pittsburgh was even more upbeat. But there’s a three-headed dragon of three-time Stanley Cup winners in absolute order. Crosby (35 years old) with 27 (10 + 17) points in the top 10 scorers. Malkin (36), who played his thousandth game in the league today, is on a “point per game” schedule – 20 (8 + 12) in 19 meetings. Letang (35) is not far behind them: with 11 (1 + 10) points, the Canadian is the first in the club in terms of performance among defenders.

What about in Washington? What environment did the Russian captain find himself in, alas, on the slope of his career? Look who is still on sick leave:

Niklas Beckstrom (age 34; $9.2 million per season)

Tom Wilson (28; 5.166 million);

TJ Oshi (35; 5.75 million);

Dmitry Orlov (31; 5.1 million);

Connor Brown (28.3.6 million);

Carl Hagelin (34; 2.75 million);

Beck Malenstein (24; 0.76 million);

Cody Clark (23; 0.81 million)

Leading defenseman John Carlson (32; 8.2 million) has just returned to the starting lineup. The American has yet to get in shape.

So consider how much money the “capital” had and lie dead weight. However, don’t bother. I’ve already done it: including Carlson’s fee, Washington lost $41.34 million in players with a salary cap of $82.5 million! That is, the team purely arithmetically lost half of the potential. Nevertheless, it did not collapse: the gap from the playoff zone is still not critical – five points.

At the same time, please note that most of the patients listed above are the key bayonets of the majority. The first (Bekstrem, Carlson, Oshi) or the second special brigade (Wilson, Orlov, Brown). However, here, too, there was no particular blockage. With an extra player, the Capitals are still dangerous, in these segments they often decide the outcome of matches in their favor.

And all why? Yes, because office number 8, in spite of everything, works seven days a week! Intense and fruitful. You only load it with work, that is, deliver the puck on time. If someone dares to guard him personally, the central zones immediately open. Most “five against four” turns into “four against three”, which is easier to use. If only someone could do it!

But here is the other side of the coin, which just affects the low utility of Ovechkin. Goals with a numerical advantage in “plus / minus” do not count, and Ovi in ​​the majority has already scored five goals out of nine. Add these five goleshniks – and the picture becomes fundamentally different.

Another trickle that directly affects the negative statistics of the Muscovite, again, stems from terrible problems with the composition. Any team, yielding one or two goals, and sometimes even three, in the end removes the goalkeeper. If “Washington” has now fallen into a cohort of outsiders, he has to do this more often than others. And it is always a risk – to run into your own empty net. But, as we found out above, the Capitals are now sorely lacking masters capable of performing, playing and scoring to order.

From here what follows? Correctly! It is many times more likely that Washington, replacing the goalkeeper with a sixth fielder, will miss than score. Meanwhile, Ovi is always on the ice at these moments. Is always! Here’s an initially almost guaranteed minus. How many of these did he have already? I answer: seven times the “capital” was thrown into an empty net. According to this indicator, they are the worst in the league.

Let’s summarize. Yes, with minus 14, Ovechkin is the anti-leader of the season in terms of usefulness. But remove the seven minuses with an empty net, add five goals in the majority – and voila! Ovi already has only borderline “minus 2”! For the 24th team in the overall championship table, this is by no means critical.

But if we take the reverse situation, the captain hit the empty net of the opponent only once. Again, for the simple reason that “Washington” has grown decrepit and weakened. Therefore, he rarely leads to the curtain in the score, which makes the opponent grab at straws and shoot the goalkeeper.

Regarding the bad play of Alexander in defense. This is not only not his forte, but also not his direct responsibility. As a winger, he should not be the first to return to the rear – this is the function of the center forward. But if all the centers and defenders are broken or not qualified enough, and the same Kuznetsov has never been distinguished by reliability in defense, then what claims to Ovechkin ?! He is not responsible for protection. Rather, he answers, but in the last place.

Yes, and he has no failed matches in terms of usefulness. Not a single one with “minus 3”, especially with “minus 4”! Only “minus 1” or “minus 2”. And this is precisely because of the mediocre game of the team as a whole, but not because of the personal shortcomings of the Russian.

So, it’s good to whine: everything is fine with Alexander. All questions to franchise management. The capital’s old people, unlike Pittsburgh, do not pull, and the change is not close to be seen. Dynamo will have to continue to drag this closed club of shell-shocked pensioners on his own.

By the way, about the penguins. Crosby, despite the seventh place among the scorers, is now “minus 1”, while Letang has “minus 10” at all!

Source: Sovsport

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