First Pietro Lombardi and girlfriend Laura Maria announced that they were expecting their first child together, then the singer surprised his loved one with a romantic marriage proposal. The two could hardly be happier at the moment. After all, there is not only a marriage, but above all a birth to look forward to.

Alessio now has a little brother in addition to his half-sister Solea. The anticipation of the parents-to-be is huge and although the two present themselves publicly as a team, there is one topic that should provide plenty of material for discussion in the future. And probably not well received by Pietro’s ex Sarah Engels either – it’s about sex.

Pietro Lombardi has a clear opinion on his son’s sex life

The fact that Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels do not always agree when it comes to raising children, despite patchwork family life, was shown at Pietro and Laura’s gender reveal party. It was quickly forgotten when Sarah Engels remarked that she did not agree with Alessio’s new hairstyle. The singer had allowed their son to dye their hair. A no-go for his ex-wife.

In their own podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF”, the two are now talking about sex. Laura announces straight away that she will probably be the strict part in the relationship and says: “Eventually, when our boy brings a woman home, I’ll be stricter.”

Pietro Lombardi has a much more relaxed perspective and jokes: “Let him have fun, it starts at 10!” The singer has apparently forgotten that sexual intercourse between minors in Germany is only permitted by law from the age of 14.

Pietro Lombardi draws clear boundaries when it comes to raising children

Then he lashes out again and says: “Well, when our child is 13, then it’ll be Ramba Zamba!” When you hear “Bambambambam” for the first time, it would be “awesome in the sense of: Let’s go, my son!” Pietro is sure he would be proud if “the son comes at 13 and says: ‘Dad, I had fun today’.”

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Laura Maria seems unconvinced by these statements and whether Sarah Engels can make friends with this thought is also questionable. However, it becomes particularly interesting when it comes to how “cool” such behavior would be if Pietro Lombardi were the father of a daughter.

Here his verdict is much stricter. After all, “a girl loses a reputation much faster than a boy”.

Source: Derwesten

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