Like in a horror movie, the Brocken specters appear in lonely and mountainous places. If you come across one…you better know what it is…

A British ultramarathon runner named Chris Randall has recorded on video a brocken spectrum while walking alone in the mist of a mountain. and she took scared to death.

The first brocken spectrum It was described by Johann Silberschlag in 1780, when he himself spotted one in the Brocken Mountains in Germany. Since then, dozens of cases have been documented, associating them with ghosts or apparitions.

A brocken spectrum is a Human silhoutte which usually appears in hilly placespreferably at low altitude and when there is fog. The specter moves, stands upright, and sometimes appears dozens, even hundreds of meters away.

What is the Brocken spectrum?

The British ultramarathon runner named Chris Randall has recently recorded one, as the IFL Science website tells us.

We can see it in the video of this tweet: “My first Brocken Spectre. It’s creepy to see it out of the corner of your eye and think it was someone else moving“. Anyone who comes across one while walking alone on a foggy mountain is sure to have their hearts stopped… Here you can see it:

The video is absolutely terrifying. It may look a human silhouette that moves a dozen meters.

What is this Brocken spectrum? A true paranormal phenomenon? a real ghost? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you but… no. What you see in the video is… Chris Randall’s own silhouette.

Still, an explanation is necessary. Because it is not a mere shadow. As we see in the video, the silhouette does not have any kind of shadow, and it is also very far away, dozens of meters, and standing.

The phenomenon occurs in mountainous places, and there needs to be some fog. When the Sun is low and conditions are right, the observer casts a shadow on the fog (not on the ground), making it appear as if a tall, shadowy figure is standing close by. Here we can see another example:

The raindrops that make up the fog can move, causing a distorting and blurring effect, as if the shadow were moving, sometimes towards the observer. But the movements of the body are, in reality, those of the observer himself.

The broken spectrum it’s a Meteorological phenomenon spectacular. And if you don’t know it exists, you can take a scare to death while you walk through one mountain wrapped in fog. This has happened to many innocents for centuries.


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