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How safe is the foam tampon?

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Soft tampons are an alternative to conventional tampons. You can find out here whether they are just as safe and where possible dangers lurk.

Tampon, menstrual cup, period underwear, pad or soft tampon – there are many ways to collect period blood. Opinions differ, especially with the latter option. Many menstruators swear by soft tampons, while others don’t get anything out of the tampon sponge.

What is a soft tampon?

Soft tampons are – mostly heart-shaped – foam sponges that are pushed deep into the vagina like a tampon. But without a return strap. Due to their spongy texture, they are hardly noticeable in the body. A distinction is made between wet-soft tampons and dry-soft tampons.

  • Wet Soft Tampons are already moistened – with Lactagel. The soft tampon should be easier to insert due to the moisture and the natural vaginal flora remains in balance.
  • Dry-Soft tampons are dry. Alternatively, you can wet them with some water before inserting them.

How safe is a soft tampon?

Due to its spongy nature, the soft tampon is very safe in terms of leak protection. In addition, the tampon sponges mucous membrane friendly and don’t dry out the vagina as much. Despite everything, you should change it regularly to avoid infections.

How is a soft tampon used?

  1. You should always wash your hands before insertion.
  2. Take the soft tampon out of the packaging.
  3. If you have trouble inserting it, you can either use the Wet-Soft tampon or moisten the Dry-Soft tampon with a little water and wring it out.
  4. A little lighter Can the tampon sponge be used? when you are in a crouch or sitting on the toilet.
  5. There is a small incision on the wider part of the soft tampon – as you know it from a heart. You can insert your index finger there to position the tampon correctly at the end.
  6. Now press the long sides of the soft tampon together with your thumb and middle finger and insert like a conventional tampon. The soft tampon should be as close to the cervix as possible.

How long can a soft tampon stay in?

Depending on the strength of your period, you may need to refill the soft tampon three to six hours remove. In general, a soft tampon should not remain in your vagina for more than six hours. After sex or swimming you should use the sponge remove immediatelyto avoid infection.

Remove Soft-Tampon: This is how it works

Before removing one soft tampons many menstruating men are afraid because there is no typical withdrawal string as we know it from conventional tampons. And yes – a little practice can probably not hurt here. The most important thing, however, is not to tense up. Here’s how you can Remove soft tampon:

  1. First wash your hands.
  2. Now insert the index finger into the vagina.
  3. Soft tampons have a small, scratched grip pocket. You can simply put your index finger in there and pull out the sponge. Alternatively, you can use two fingers to pull the tampon out using one of the wings.
  4. The soft tampon is best removed when it has filled up. Therefore you should always start with the smallest possible tampon sizeto be able to estimate how quickly the soft tampon fills up.
  5. Can’t you grasp the soft tampon with your fingers? Then you can also press it out with your own muscle power. This is best done in a crouch.
  6. Finally the soft tampon dispose of in the garbage (not in the toilet!). The soft tampon is a disposable product. Never use it more than once, otherwise there is a risk of infection.

What to do if you cannot remove the soft tampon yourself?

Don’t panic if you can’t find the soft tampon. It cannot get lost in the body because the cervix prevents it from slipping in further. If you still have problems removing the sponge, the first thing to do is relax. Of course, that sounds easier said than done, but it will pay off. It’s best to crouch down and then it’s time to alternate between tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and pressing. In this way, the soft tampon is pushed forward bit by bit and you can grab it very easily.

If you still cannot remove the soft tampon, you should immediately use a:n Visit a gynaecologist.

Tip: There are now also soft tampons that you can insert yourself supplied ribbon can attach.

Sex with soft tampon

sex during period is not an option for every menstruating person. However, many swear by it because intercourse can relieve cramps and relieve abdominal pain. Some people even have one during their period increased libido. While a little period blood isn’t a bad thing, many still shy away from having sex during their period. If you don’t want any mess in the sheets, you’re more than welcome to use the soft tampon. Not a bad idea. Because the sponges are very soft and don’t have a retraction cord, they don’t bother you during sexual intercourse. But remember, the soft tampon immediately after sex to switch. And: the soft tampon does not replace the contraceptive!

Can you get wet with a soft tampon?

During sex, your vagina gets wet from the excitement in the front area. Since the tampon sits very low, namely on the cervix, nothing is impaired.

advantages and disadvantages


  • Is mucous membrane-friendly and does not dry out the vagina so much.
  • Can be left in during intercourse.
  • Particularly suitable for sports, swimming and sauna due to the wearing comfort and the lack of a return strap.
  • Reliably sucks up period blood.
  • Can stay in the vagina for up to six hours.


  • Usually does not have a withdrawal cord, which makes insertion and extraction somewhat difficult.
  • During vigorous exercise or sex, the tampon may slip or move further back.
  • It takes practice, patience and finesse.
  • Difficulty retrieving can cause irritation and pain.
  • Long-term menstruation is not possible with soft tampons because they are disposed of after use, are made of plastic and are therefore not biodegradable.
  • Soft tampons are elaborately packaged. There is a lot of packaging waste.
  • You can also get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) with soft tampons.

What soft tampons cost and where you can buy them

You can use soft tampons in drugstoresfor example at dm or Rossmann, in pharmacies and buy online. They are however slightly more expensive than regular tampons. A pack of 10 costs around eight to ten euros.

Conclusion: Are soft tampons good or bad?

If you observe all hygiene regulations, soft tampons are not worse than conventional tampons per se, but they are also no safer. Some practice is certainly required when inserting and removing. In addition, the soft tampons are a right costly affair. So if you choose the soft tampon solely so that you cannot see the withdrawal string while swimming or you can have sex during your period, then you should reconsider your choice. Sex during the period is also possible without a soft tampon – nobody has to be afraid or disgusted by period blood. and nobody should have anything against a stick of tampon flashing out, because periods are something completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. But if you still like it discreet, the menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative for sports or in the sauna. Only during sex it must not remain in the vagina.

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