If we have already said many times that we cannot judge an iPhone by its specifications, it is also true that the best way to form a complete opinion of a generation of phones is by using them on a day-to-day basis. Now, after a little over a month enjoying the iPhone 14 Pro, I can say, without any doubt, that it is much more than I initially expected.

A generation that, on paper, could seem like a continuation of the iPhone 13 Pro, but that has a series of changes that make a very substantial difference. Changes that go far beyond faster speeds or better cameras. Changes that directly affect the way of using the iPhone and that make this generation a very interesting from almost every point of view.

More of the same, but much better

On the one hand, we can talk about the improvements that we already take for granted, although without detracting from them the merit they deserve. Year after year Apple maintains or increases autonomy, for example, no matter how much more powerful that phone is. It also increases power, it is true that the change in the A16 Bionic compared to the A15 Bionic is moderate, but it is also true that in applications with a significant graphic load the difference is noticeable.

In efficiency it is also where we notice a substantial change, because thanks to the A16 chip the battery of this generation lasts about two hours more than the previous one. An autonomy, it should be remembered, that includes the operation of the screen always on and an increasingly frequent use of 5G networks.

Better in specifications, but standing out in three key points.

So far, with many other small details such as Bluetooth 5.3, we are facing what we could call a linear evolution of technology. It is from here when things get interesting. And they do it both on the front and with impressive rear cameras.

Always-on screen: goodbye to the friction of fleeting interactions

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Always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro.

Let’s start with the most obvious. The iPhone 14 Pro screen is always on. It is true that it turns off at specific times, such as when we carry the iPhone in our pocket or bag, but for us, this is always ready and willing to show us the information.

The usefulness of this function depends a lot on the use that each one of us gives to the phone, but I, as someone who always has it in sight at the work table, appreciate it a lot. One glance allows me to see if I have notificationsthe time or information in the form of widgets.

It is true that as the happy owner of an Apple Watch Ultra and its always-on screen, my habit is to consult information such as the weather, activity rings or other details on the watch, but only have to move my eyes to consult it on the iPhone it’s really comfortable. If we put ourselves in the shoes of someone who does not have an Apple Watch the difference is directly abysmal.

Less friction in microinteraction thanks to the always-on screen.

I haven’t noticed any impact on the battery from having the iPhone screen always on. I have done the tests, without the screen always on, the battery reaches the end of the day with between 1 and 2% more battery. A totally derisory difference that translates into just a few minutes of iPhone use depending on the circumstances and that in return allows us a much more direct interaction with our phone.

Dynamic Island: the backbone of how we use technology today

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The other big difference of this generation – let me refer to it as the biggest difference – is the Dynamic Island. When I saw this technology in the presentation of the iPhone 14 Pro, I smiled with pride. see Apple going light years further than the rumors indicated. With a solution that no one saw coming or could imagine.

We all took it for granted that a notch is something to hide, a lost space, but that we cannot remove. In a fit of genius, Apple has turned this space not only into a hallmark, but into a change that marks a before and after in the use of our telephone.

Just as iPones have evolved, so has our use of them. At first we might use them to browse the internet or read a book, but now we use them to pay at the grocery store while listening to a podcast and talking on iMessage at the same time. Our simultaneous use of different services and functions it’s huge and that’s where the Dynamic Island fits.

With a common thread of our activity in the form of Dynamic Island.

Without going into aesthetics, which I leave to the taste of each one of us, the possibility of see the background tasks of our iPhone while we do other things it is a fundamental change. We can control the playback with a single touch, we can see the directions of the Maps route, we can see the transfer process by AirDrop, how much is left for the timer that we have running or if we are well on time to take the Uber that we have order.

The Dynamic Island allows us to have a common thread of what we are doing regardless of where we are doing it. A reference that responds to the task, not to the location and that really makes it easy for us to think quite differently when using our iPhone. A great point in favor for the iPhone 14 Pro and that many of us would like to see reach other Apple devices.

New cameras and action mode: see it to believe it (and it still costs)

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As far as cameras are concerned, it is true that the new 48 MP sensor is very attractive, but the truth is that most of the time we will use it in 12 MP mode. It is true that, at a given moment, knowing that we can crop and reframe a shot with little compromise in quality it is of great value. However, what is of most value to me in this generation is the action mode.

Let’s avoid confusion. The action mode is not just for recording how we run down the mountain or for action movie shots, it is for everything. Personally I have stopped recording video if it is not with the action mode activated. Whether we are talking about a simple shot while walking down the street or a video to see the panorama of where we are, the action mode totally changes the result.

Outstanding in the video with a stabilization that we will always want to have activated.

What was previously only possible with a stabilizer, and not particularly small in size, can now be achieved by pressing a simple button. It doesn’t matter if we’re filming a family member or friend blowing out the candles on their birthday cake or a plane landing on the tarmac from the terminal, the stabilization is there and it is appreciated, and muchwhen we see the video after recording it.

iPhone 14 Pro review: the future of the iPhone starts here

As we have started by saying, it is not through the specifications that we can know what an iPhone is like. On paper it might look like more than just an iPhone 13 Pro, in his hand he has several points that completely change the experience. A really interesting iPhone almost regardless of what we are going to do with it. An iPhone where Apple has excelled in many aspects and shows us how much it can give when hardware and software do what they do best together.

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