Guillermo Francella outraged by the maid in black

In minute 4 of chapter 7, The Manager returns to that situation again when Maggie, the employee in question, is seen entering with bags and overloaded while the boys enter discussing the cultural battle and other issues:

Francella: Hello, Maggie, alone with everything?

(Maggie nods and salutes)

Francella to the employer couple: How are you? they went shopping?

Actress: Yes, we went to the organic market. I don’t know if you knew…

Francella: No, I haven’t had the chance yet.

Actor: You have to try the sourdough bread they have.

Francella: Is it good?

Actor: It’s great

Francella: Well, I will. Bye.

Actress: See you later. (It’s the culture battle)

Francella quietly: ‘The girl who helps at home’. The slave you mean, poor thing. You’ll see, you’ll see…


Guillermo Francella and a Chicana to Victoria Donda and Pablo Marchetti

But the explosive scene in networks was at minute 18 of that chapter (7), when he sees her hanging clothes on the terrace for Maggie and approaches her to ask her if she is formalized with all the labor benefits:

Maggie, I want to ask you a question: do your employers, Pablo and Victoria, have you white? Maggie, I want to ask you a question: do your employers, Pablo and Victoria, have you white?

Coincidentally -or causally?- the head of INADI, Victoria Dondaand her husband, Paul Marchettihad been involved in a scandal over the domestic worker in black, to the point that they used the case to ridicule their manual for Qatar 2022:

Francella: Maggie, I want to ask you a question: do your employers, Pablo and Victoria, have you white?

Maggie: No, I don’t think so.

Francella: That’s too bad. While I am here, in charge of this building, things are blank or they are not, because a contribution that is not made is a grandfather without remedies, a poorer little boy in Catamarca. Did you know?

Maggie: No.

Francella: “Well, it’s important that you understand all that. I’m going to give you a phone number, which is a labor lawyer. You ask him all the questions you need and he’s going to explain everything to you. There’s a lot of money you have to collect because there are many years in the black. Many! Contributions, seniority, Christmas bonus, proportional vacation, a lot of things. Do you know that this is a large number or do you not know it?”

Maggie: No.

Francella: Your employers do break the law (…) Call him. There is a lot of money Maggie. A lot.

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