It disappeared as mysteriously as the ships and planes it supposedly “swallowed”. She has gone out of fashion, and the “power” of her has completely faded.

The Bermuda Triangle is a marine zone of one million square kilometers where supposedly hundreds of ships and planes disappeared without a trace. It spawned countless books, movies, and documentaries. But nobody talks about him anymore... and the mystery disappeared.

The much-missed writer Terry Pratchett tells in his book Lesser Gods what happens to gods who no longer have followers: they lose all their “divinity” and disappear into nothingness. The Egyptian or Viking gods, for example. Something similar has happened with the Bermuda Triangleone of the favorite conspiracy and mystery topics for decades… that no one talks about anymore.

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle with vertices at Miami, Puerto Rico Y The Bermuda Islands. Each side is between 1,600 and 1,800 kilometers long, forming an area of ​​more than one million square kilometers, twice the size of Spain:

The myth of Bermuda Triangle began to take shape around 1950, although it did not receive that name until the 1960s. mysteryjournalists of the unknown, and lovers of conspiracies, began to collect alleged data on shipwrecks and disappearances of planes that numbered in the hundreds, and left no trace.

A legend that became universal in the 80s, and remained until about 10 years ago. Until suddenly, people got bored, and the Bermuda Triangle he has lost all his “power”, like Terry Pratchett’s lesser gods. Nobody talks about disappearances of ships or planes anymore.

A curious ending to a mystery that, like most mysteries, ends up being shown to be the product of human imagination.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, revealed

It is true that in the Bermuda Triangle Dozens of ships and planes have disappeared. But as in other maritime areas with high freight and passenger traffic.

Studies such as Lawrence David Kusche’s have shown that many of the missing ships cited in accounts actually sank outside the Triangle. In other cases, evidence was hidden that certified that they were not a disappearance, but a conventional sinking due to pilot or navigator errors.

The mysteries that the underwater bottom hides on Earth

Statistics say that the Bermuda Triangle It is one of the busiest maritime areas in the world. Every year some 100,000 ships and planesand in the last 100 years the disappearance of just over 100 ships and 50 planes has been officially recorded, which represents a 0.001% of all who cross the area. It is not even in the Top 10 of the most dangerous areas in the world.

On the other hand it is a region prone to storms and hurricanes. It’s also a very deep area, and planes don’t float. So those that fall into the sea are very difficult to find. That’s where the Gulf Stream, which quickly drags everything that falls into the sea. Remains of shipwrecks have been found 600 kilometers from where they were produced. This explains why some sinkholes “disappear without a trace”.

In the period of maximum splendor of the Bermuda Triangleany shipwreck mainstream made the news, and fueled the myth. Now that nobody cares anymore, shipwrecks are not important, and the mystery it disappears. That’s how most of them work. A product of the collective imagination.


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