No, friends, when violent fans infiltrate the holy of holies like the dressing room of Spartak or the Ak Bars team bus, no one will convince me that the situation in this or that club is under control. On the contrary, this is evidence of a severe crisis, when drowning people are ready to grab onto any reed. But when the head coach publicly announces without hesitation throughout the country that everything has been done at his suggestion, and he is completely satisfied with the incredible delirium illuminated, then personally I somehow lose ground under my feet and landmarks in space.

– Do you think it was bad? Yes, I let them in! – Oleg Znarok tears up the information space with unprecedented self-disclosures. – Was it bad? People come to our matches with their children, they worry about us. I wanted to show my guys that they believe in us. From the side of the fans there were very good words said. I think it was great.

Was the video on social media? What difference does it make where it goes? Just to help us. The guys on the bus spoke from the bottom of their hearts, we also let them in from the bottom of our hearts. These are our fans, they should not be abandoned. They go to our games, they believe in us.

Yes, dear Oleg Valeryevich, I think that this is bad. Moreover, in professional sports, this is simply unacceptable! Just as absolutely outrageous is the fact that a video of this utter nonsense has penetrated the Internet. Do you really not understand that someone skillfully framed you with this vile plum?! And from your own team!

But what are you saying yourself? People, they say, go with children, worry, believe, speak from the bottom of their hearts, they cannot be abandoned … What does it have to do with these emotions of people on whom the well-being of the players does not depend in any way at all, and a savory slap in the face in the green derby, which led to the ninth defeat in ten last rounds, after which you staged this farce in a club vehicle? And why is “it was great” here, if no one reacted to the super-emotional speech of a fan who, apparently, regularly pays 70-100 dollars for tickets, did not even bother to take off his headphones ?!

I will tell you a story from my deep youth. Once I managed to go to a construction site as a foreman in a brigade made up for the most part of former criminals or types not of this world. One told me, a 22-year-old boy, just like that: “I’ll do whatever I want to you, but nothing will happen to me, I have a certificate from a psychiatric hospital.” So, until I ordered outfits for them due to inexperience, the brigade was really unmanageable. However, as soon as I mastered this simple matter, and my general drunks realized that their monthly salary now depends solely on me, how all these recidivists instantly became silk! At least in my presence.

So here. Don’t you understand, Oleg Valeryevich, that everyone in the KHL, while it sits on the neck of the state in the person of top managers of raw material monopolists, all these fans with their “we worry, we believe, with a pure heart” are a pure burden! Like a thorn in a finger, a pebble in a shoe, or an annoying fly with a mosquito in the face. If you figure it out: the fewer of these rogues in the stands will be, it will only be calmer and more convenient for everyone – who needs extra trouble if the salary of all those involved does not depend on the occupancy of the arena in any way! For with symbolic prices for tickets to the KHL, you can’t do any business on attendance a priori.

Wherever you poke, whatever one may say, we all constantly run into this monstrous relic of the past. Most of the country has been somehow living at the very least under capitalism for more than 30 years, and our so-called professional sport has remained in developed socialism, when it is entirely supported by the state. That is, we are with you! But the salaries of these ersatz pros are fundamentally different: in the national leagues of the most prosperous countries in Europe, the insane fees of KHL hockey players will not be seen in nightmares! Because these old-world meanies, unlike our super-duper-continental league, function on what they earn themselves, and if someone gets into the regional budget, they can thunder into prison. Yes, and the tax authorities are not asleep.

Yes, under the USSR, fans had every right to demand total dedication from hockey players, football players and other basketball players. The arenas were bursting with spectators, and most importantly, everyone understood that they were in the same boat. Socialist. Unless the salaries of the team members were radically different from the incomes of those who visited the stadium. At the same time, ordinary players could envy the salaries of miners or Siberian shift workers.

Well, now show me an ordinary hard worker who gets millions regularly on his card every month – mind you, people! – rubles. Like flared “leopards” like Radulov and Shipachev with their crazy annual fees of 80 and 75 million rubles!

In short, if it was worth letting anyone into the salon of the star-studded Kazan boyars, then only those who give them these utter billions from the bins of their homeland absolutely undeservedly on a regular basis. If this, it’s scary to imagine, happened, something tells me: the video of this pumping from financial aces would NEVER be leaked to the network!

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