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The members of the United for Mexico organization they asked the PRI, PAN, PRD and Citizen Movement privilege unity, postulate a single candidacy for the governorship and give continuity to the government programs and actions that are applied in Coahuilaand prevent Brunette progress because it represents a danger to democracy and civil liberties.

Likewise, they called on social and business organizations to join the project, to close the door to crime and insecurity, which overflows in the states governed by Morena.

They also asked to take care of the Servants of the Nation that will condition the vote to citizens, in exchange for continuing to receive support from federal programs.

Claudio X. Gonzalezrepresentative of Joinedexpressed concern about what is happening in the country, where the Morena government has been disastrous, destructive and regressive with serious economic, educational, security and educational issues.

“It is even proving to be a threat to democracy and the freedoms of the country and we do not want this to continue to be issued throughout the national territory. Coahuila is a state of progress, of work, of excellence, which sets an example for the country and we do not want Morena to arrive in Coahuila because it will generate the same problems that it generates at the national level”, mentioned.

A citizen and political agreement is required, he said, to prevent Morena from reaching the government in our state.

“It should be noted that there has been a good government here, we must continue with that good government in coalition because Morena destroys, corrupts, lies and takes us backwards. Coahuila is a land of progress, do not allow someone who wants to take you back to arrive”, said.

González added that the next election of Coahuila has national implication, the same as that of the Mexico stateto contain Morena and thus in 2024 conquer alternation in the Presidency of the Republic.

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Gustavo Acosta Naranjo He called on the opposition parties so that, putting aside interests, they give priority to building the highest unit in Coahuila and prevent the style of the 4T and brunette.

“Unity must be privileged, a government program must be made that improves conditions in Coahuila, giving continuity to the work that has been taking place, creating a plural coalition government that allows the incorporation of different personalities of the citizenry. ”, commented.

During the event “Unity for Coahuila”members of United for Mexico, Citizen Power and other civil society organizations called for defend the INE and to Electoral Institute of Coahuilabefore the onslaught of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to control the elections throughout the country with an electoral instrument at hand.

“The INE is not touched, it is an institution that has given us electoral democracy, valid elections and the government of Morena is threatening democracy, freedom and the free vote of Mexicans and Coahuilans”highlighted Claudio X. González, indicating that next November 13 there will be a march in the Mexico City to defend the electoral bodies. It is proposed that the marches be replicated in Coahuila and the rest of the states.

Gustavo de la Rosa Ramirezstate representative of FCNpointed out that Morena’s authoritarianism and arrogance should not be allowed to advance in the country.

“It is time to put aside prejudices and move the project forward. No one can haggle Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme that Coahuila is at peace, its roads are safe; We do not want Coahuila to become a state like Veracruz, Michoacán, Sonora, Zacatecas, where dogs carry heads, like a horror movie”, de la Rosa commented.

Source: Vanguardia

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