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The PlayStation 4 demo continues to give a lot to talk about.

A few years ago it was possible to see that a demo caused a stir within the gaming community, since Hideo Kojima’s PT appeared with the promise of being a new installment of Silent Hill that would revolutionize what was seen in the saga, this being something that did not end with a happy ending, since, as many of you know, Konami canceled the projectfired Kojima after the release of the fifth numbered installment of Metal Gear Solid and kept the right to the license.

The outcome of this we all already know, since, on the one hand, Konami has announced more Silent Hill projects in a recent event at the same time as Kojima took the PT team to Death Strading, being so that Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro, who were involved in the revival of Silent Hill, ended up in this new title. Now, despite what has been said, it must be said that PT’s legacy continues.

PT managed to set a trend by many developers

Norman Reedus in P.T.

Norman Reedus was going to be the protagonist of PT before Konami canceled it

In this way, we have been able to see that a title has been announced that receives the name of Paranormal Tales, abbreviated PTwhich is being developed by Horror Cam Committee, an independent studio that has released a new trailer in which we can see a forest and different elements that hint that it will have a great inspiration in The Blair Witch despite the team mentioning Kojima’s demo as the big inspiration (in case the name didn’t make it clear). You can see the trailer shown below:

Be that as it may, as mentioned in its Steam file, the game will allow us live video files of various people, being able to see through these the terror that its protagonists experienced. In this way, it must be said that the title currently is in developmentwithout having an approximate release date.

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