The sign of the zodiac can define whether your relationship will be unhappy. The character traits of the zodiac signs affect how a person behaves in a relationship. Sometimes such a mixture can turn out to be explosive. Learn about the zodiac signs that are most likely to fail in a relationship.

These zodiac signs often part ways

When your relationship is in crisis and you are perpetually irritated by your partner’s behavior, you look for answers from various sources. It’s best to start with a serious relationship conversation, and then possibly with couple therapy. Lots of things make you don’t get along.

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However, if you like explaining the world to yourself with horoscopes, in order to have further arguments to discuss issues that are important to you in a relationship or just to break up – read about these zodiac connections. They are an extremely bad match in a relationship!

Leo and Scorpio will not get along. Two strong personalities

Fire signs burn! Leo and Scorpio make a mix that can explode with too much emotion. The first sign wants the partner’s constant attention, is sensitive and likes being in control. The second sign is a person who is very involved in the relationship – he likes big gestures, passion – but very often it turns into toxic jealousy. A great love may arise between these two, but along with it also quarrels, tension and communication problems.

Taurus and Aquarius are opposites. This time they don’t attract each other

Discard the cliché that opposites are like magnets to each other. Some people say the duo will get along, but we think it’s not worth the trouble. Taurus are zodiac signs that like to plan. Organization and practicality are their domain, which does not have to mean boredom, but they certainly will not find themselves in chaos and spontaneity. Aquarians, on the other hand, are masters of procrastination. They manage to do great last minute things because of their high creativity and energy. But imagine these two in relation. An oasis of peace with a walking hurricane may merge somehow, but it will likely result in many disappointments.

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Aries and Capricorn are a recipe for quarrels. They won’t last long

The chances that a calm Capricorn will get along with a temperamental Aries are slim. The earth sign is thoughtful and caring, as well as high career ambition. Rather, the Fiery Aries will focus on a life in a constant run without a major plan. She loves spontaneity and impulsiveness, which can end up in strong conflicts in this couple.

The best combinations of zodiac signs

Of course, there are also connections that will work perfectly together. Which zodiac signs get along best? A great combination will be Pisces and Gemini, Gemini and Libra, Scorpio and Cancer, Leo and Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, Aquarius and Aries, Virgo and Virgo.

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