The peoples, in general, have been being distorted and, to a greater or lesser extent, pushed to transcendental changes that tend to distance them from their essential characteristics that define their historically forged and defined nationality that imprinted their identity on them.

Mexico is not an exception; The Mexico we now live in is already plagued by intrusive elements alien to our real way of being, a situation that we have clumsily allowed, contrary to our idiosyncrasies and our genuine traditions, all of this through intensely disseminated ideologies by all available means at the service of “the permanent revolution” of international Judaism, directed very especially against the binomial Catholic Church-Spain.

First was the war of independence in all of America, which left our populations defenseless against the perverse hidden powers of Judaism, whose nature is globalist for the formation of a single world government, whose management they say God granted, commissioned and commanded. When our peoples were deprived of the protection of Spain, simultaneously with the organization of the French (also Jewish) revolution, the chain of revolutions or civil wars began throughout the Americas, all helped by the so-called religious “reform”, led by the Jewish rabbis from Europe, mainly from England.

The consequences of such plans were, due to their great efficiency and ability and tenacity, so lasting that they have been able to bind nations to their slogans to this day. That is why Mexico no longer seems to be what it was and must continue to be in order to be an authentic Hispanic-Latin American Nation, faithful to itself, Catholic, sensitive, kind and humanitarian, as forged and civilized by the Spanish, the priests and the friars, who they gave their lives to the sublime cause of forming nations of good people, of mestizo nature that incorporated all the native tribes in a new Christian society respectful of God and his work in Creation. To preserve these ideal principles and values, it is urgent to strongly reject and condemn globalism, “the new era”, “feminism”, indecent fashions and everything that stinks of revolutionary.

Some authors have explained and revealed these evils, such as Federico Rivanera Carles, Lyndon Larouge, Salvador Abascal, Salvador Borrego, Victoriano Salado Alvarez, Carlos Pereyra, Luis Reed Torres, José Vasconcelos, Alfonso Trueba, José Fuentes Mares, Cristina Martin, Daniel Estulín, Eudocio Ravinez, Pablo Rosen, Joaquín Cárdenas Noriega, Cheryl K. Chumley and others. During the arduous debate on the project of the Third Article of the Constitution of 1917, some fanatical Deputies expressed terrible condemnations for the Catholic Clergy and the Church in general, but some also openly recognized that this attitude was reprehensible because all Mexicans were ardent Catholics. However, the fanatics managed to impose in that Third Article, which is related to education, that religious teachings be prohibited and that education in schools must be secular, that is: atheist.

But it is very pertinent to clarify here that our political system, with the President at the head, was allowing and stimulating during several periods of government, the introduction of various Protestant sects, with the help of the United States government, in whose high spheres it was said: “You have to Protestantize, to Americanize.”

Source: Debate

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