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countdown to this Halloween 2022. East 31 Octoberthe most terrifying festival of the year will return, and given that November 1 is also the All Saints Day, there are many who are already enjoying a well-deserved long weekend. And what better way to disconnect in a committed way with the tradition to enjoy a good marathon horror movies.

Next, we leave you with a selection of ten (or more) horror movies with which to celebrate Halloween. Proposals that you can find on Netflix. We do not have to remember, but we do, that the platform has a huge catalogSo there are so many more options. Of course, you will also find, in addition to those presented below, the sagas of ‘SAW‘ either ‘REC‘, ‘Silent Hill‘, ‘the purge‘, ‘Emily Rose’s exorcism‘, ‘insidious‘ and other ‘classics’ from recent years.



Trilogy ‘The street of terror’ (2021)

This list is not in order but, without a doubt, this is the best proposal for Halloween, even though it is not the scariest.

​Last year, Netflix surprised by launching in July (yes, in July) three moviesonce a week, that are intertwined and that, in reality, make up a miniseries. They are set, in order, in 1994, 1978 Y 1666and each one allows you to better understand the curse that hangs over the city of the protagonists.

There is terror (with some really good scenes), some shades of humor and, above all, a very entertaining story that is generating more and more interest. A perfect proposal for these dates.

'Friday the 13th'



‘Friday the 13th’ (2009)

Clay searches for his missing sister as a masked killer hunts him and a group of teens in this new take on the horror classic.

'Us' (2019)



‘Us’ (2019)

A peaceful family vacation turns into something terrifying when evil doppelgangers of family members descend on their beachfront abode. An interesting film, with good reviews and ideal if you like to elaborate theories.

'Cage' (2022)



‘Cage’ (2022)

It is one of the latest Spanish films released on Netflix (this last month) and one of the most viewed these days.

Paula meets a traumatized girl that nothing is known about. Now, she tries to figure out her strange behavior to find out her identity and her dark past.

'Hush' (2016)



‘Hush’ (2016)

A film with which one gets on one’s nerves, whose protagonist is a deaf writer who decided to go live in the countryside alone. Shortly after starting her new life, she must fight for her life when a masked assassin appears at her window.

'Don't Breathe' (2016)



‘Don’t Breathe’ (2016)

Here we also have a house and a murderer, but he is the one who lives there. Blind and rich, this man is the perfect target for a heist planned by a trio of young thieves. But the shot backfires.




‘Veronica’ (2017)

Definitely, one of the best horror movies of recent yearsAlso based on a true story. ‘Veronica’ is pure psychological terror.

Madrid, 1991. After a spiritualism session, Verónica is left alone with her little brothers and notices an evil presence in the house.

'Ouija, the origin of evil' (2016)



‘Ouija, the origin of evil’ (2016)

Directed by mike flanagancreator of ‘The Curse of Hill House‘ and of ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’, a fact that should already be enough for, at least, this film to catch your attention, despite the fact that the synopsis is apparently simple and more of the same.

California, 1960s. The daughter of a fake medium tries to contact her late father with a ouija board, but instead unleashes a demon.

'The Strangers' (2008)



‘The Strangers’ (2008)

A couple’s quiet vacation in a secluded house turns into a spiral of terror when they are attacked by three bloodthirsty, masked intruders.

The halloween night



‘Halloween night’ (2018)

The first part of the latest trilogy in the ‘Halloween’ franchise. Directed by David GordonGreen and with the return of Jamie Lee Curtisthe film has as its starting point the jailbreak of Michael Myers, who 40 years earlier perpetrated a massacre on Halloween night. Once free, she goes after the sole survivor…and her family.

That you have already seen this movie and its sequel, ‘Halloween Kills‘ (2021)? You also have the last part in theaters, ‘Halloween Ends‘ (2022).

Curse of Hill House



Bonus: Netflix has very good horror series

Yes, this is an article on horror movies, but it should be noted that Netflix has a good catalog of series of the genre with which you can also binge these days. Some examples: ‘The Curse of Hill House‘, ‘The Curse of Bly Manor‘, ‘slasher‘, ‘the midnight club‘, ‘midnight mass‘ either ‘We are dead‘.

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