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They invent a robot capable of eliminating any insect with some precision with a kind of deadly laser.

The technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds to make our lives much easier, and perhaps in the future we can see a artificial intelligence that can provide robots with the ability to eliminate any type of insect using a very advanced and effective laser.

It is a technology based on artificial intelligence where robots could help farmers to put an end to some kind of insect pest in a futureto avoid those pesticides that have toxins.

This has been achieved by researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh who have built a robot powered by artificial intelligence trained to kill cockroaches or any other insect with a deadly laser.

According to the newscientist site, the inventors of this machine believe that the device could end up providing a cheap and environmentally sound replacement for toxin-laden insecticides.

This device is made up of a small computer, two cameras and a 1600 milliwatt laser and is able to use artificial vision to hunt each of the insects.

Although not entirely accurate

While it’s not yet accurate enough to kill cockroaches or other insects with a simple laser, they do feel there’s a lot of room for improvement, and they want to train this device to hit specific body parts of insects. as the abdomen, and thus ensure its elimination at the first.

When it comes to using this technology, they want to focus on the industrial or agricultural sector, in a way to replace pesticidessince they point out that the price of lasers is not high.

Of course, they will never market it to people, since they claim that lasers can end up causing serious eye damage, so if we ever see this robot launch laser cannons at insects, it will only be in the industrial sector or in agriculture.


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