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If Nguyen Binh (1918-1966) is a sincere poet, representing the Northern Delta, then Kien Giang is the poet representing the genuine simplicity of the Southern people. Both with sweet poems, imbued with love for their homeland, gently go into people’s hearts.

Poet Kien Giang. (Image: RFI)

Poet Kien Giang real name Truong Khuong Trinh, born on February 17, 1929, in Dong Thai village, An Bien district, Rach Gia province. Besides writing poetry, Kien Giang, with the stage name Ha Huy Ha, is a very famous reformist.

His reformed works can be mentioned as “Wedding Dress in Front of the Temple Gate”, “The Wife Never Marries”… In which, “The Wife Never Marries” helped female artist Thanh Nga win the Thanh award. Tam and become a star in the reformed world. Thanh Nga’s career began to shine from this role to be named “Theatrical Queen.”

Kien Giang considers Nguyen Binh as a teacher and has some influence from this poet. If Nguyen Binh had a poem “Visiting the Virgin’s Soul” (1940) recording his emotions when he saw the funeral of a young girl he did not know, with cold verses:

This morning countless yellow leaves fell,
That virgin is dead.
There is a milky white car,
Two white horses walking in pairs,”

Kien Giang also had the famous poem White Flowers, Tied on Purple Dress (1957) when witnessing the wedding in the religious hamlet, the poet thought of the day the girl he loved took hold of the other boat, with the lyrics so sweet. shame

Three years after the old flower car
Bring the purple shirt back in the coffin
The Taoist bell rings for goodbye
When I sit and tie a wreath of mourning”

In the poem, Kien Giang chooses death as the end for the person he loves when he cannot marry her, but life in real life continues. She has a husband, he has a wife. When she died, he also missed the opportunity to visit. Well, it’s also fate, but the poem “White Flowers Stopped On Purple Shirt” written about that girl still lives on with time.

Composer Huynh Anh put music into a song of the same name (Phu Sa, published in 1962). After 75 years, musician Anh Bang wrote the song “White Flower Love Story.” Both of these songs were loved by the audience through the singing of Thanh Thuy, Hoang Oanh, Vu Khanh and later Nhu Quynh.

In addition to his talent in writing poetry, Kien Giang is also a theater journalist for the newspapers The Bell, Tieng Doi, Dien Tin, and Tia Sang.

He was a reformist at the same time as Nam Chau, Vien Chau, Thai Thuy Phong, Quy Sac, head of the Thi Van May Tan Board of Saigon Radio, and the teacher of two talented composers Ha Trieu. -Phoenix Flower.

Very few people know, Kien Giang is the one who gave the artist Huong Lan the stage name. He is also the one who gave singer Phuong Dung the nickname “White Swallow Go Cong” in a drama article.

Kien Giang is a person with a kind heart. He always called to help the unfortunate lives. In a time from Long Xuyen to Saigon to help a child who survived a traffic accident, both parents died. Upon arrival, he suffered a stroke and died in 2014.

All his life he accepted to live in poverty and purity. Writer Son Nam once said “it is the poet Kien Giang who needs help.”

Hoa Vien Binh Duong is the place where he rests, lying next to his old friend and hometown writer Son Nam to enjoy the cool wind and moon, brush off all the bald spots, rice, rice, money of ordinary life.

Poet Kien Giang died at 6 pm, October 31, 2014, at the age of 86.

Source: Nguoi-Viet

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