This Saturday, October 29, 2022, young Louis shared the Star Academy stage with Hyphen Hyphen. But the young man, anxious to jump into the public, allowed himself a surprising little remark.

This Saturday, October 29, 2022, viewers found the Academicians of Star Academy. On this occasion, great artists were present, like Véronique Sanson, Keen’V, Gims or the group Hyphen Hyphen. And it was Louis who had the chance to sing alongside Santé, the group’s lead singer. And one thing is certain, the duo set the mood on the set. So much so that the artist dragged the candidate into the pit, jumping into the audience. But we cannot say that the young man was super comfortable: “For information, we had not rehearsed the jump in the public, I was afraid to do a Shy’m!”.

A very awkward little sentence, which alludes to the heavy fall of the singer during a concert in 2015. Immediately, Nikos Aliagas wanted to defend his “friend”recalling that anyone can “fall over” if the public is not cooperative. On Twitter, viewers couldn’t help but react on Twitter to this: “But Louis, there are things that should not be said”, “Mdr Louis the tackle at Shy’m it’s too much”, “‘I was afraid to do a Shy’m’ Louis I yelled”, “The stray bullet for Shy’m’!”, can we read on the social network.

Ahcène and Cenzo eliminated

At the end of this bonus, Ahcène and Cenzo were eliminated from the adventure. Just like Amisse, they leave the castle. The first to be eliminated had also given her feelings, during an interview for our colleagues from Star TV. Totally disconnected from reality, the young woman confided: “I’m just beginning to realize. I’ve reconnected with the outside world. I feel a little tired but also a lot of emotions. It’s inexplicable. In the castle, a lot of things happened. It was a very intense adventure. There, my rhythm will change a lot.”

Who could win Star Academy?

Her time in the castle also confirmed to her that she wanted to become a confirmed artist: “It confirmed me in the idea that this is really what I wanted to do: surpass myself, transmit a message. This adventure brought me determination. It was really made for me.” About her elimination, the young woman remains very fair play : “I have to accept it. These are legitimate choices. It was difficult for them. I’m already happy that it was tight between Ahcène and me. Someone had to leave. Today, it’s was me. Next week will be another one. But we’ll all see each other again outside. I didn’t expect to bond with people so quickly. I also learned a lot in a short time. thanks to caring teachers.”

Amisse’s confidences

And according to her, who could win this new edition: “It’s a very difficult question. I really don’t know. I already didn’t expect to go out in the first week. So it’s impossible to put, for me, a name on the future winner.” Amisse will keep a magnificent memory of her participation, even if she explains that inside the castle, none of the candidates knows all the enthusiasm they produce : “When I took my phone, I was hallucinating! In the castle, we have no feedback from the outside. When we arrived on the prime, we understood that humans were watching us.”


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