When we prepare a route in the Maps app of our iPhone or iPad, it is very common that we want to make certain stops. Stops in the context, too, of passing through certain specific places on the way to our destination. Just what iOS 16 offers us.

In this version of the operating system we can configure a route, by car, that includes various passing points, with or without a stop in between, which gives us a great flexibility when organizing the route. And all this with radar warning.

A personalized route according to our needs

Especially on long routes there is usually more than one way to get from point A to point B. We are talking about more than just taking one road or another. Thanks to the fact that we can now add stops to a route that we are preparing, we get something more like an itinerary than a route itself.

Schedule these routes with multiple stops on our iPhone or iPad is very easy. Let’s look at the steps and available options.

  1. We open the app maps on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We look for the location of our destination.
  3. We touch the blue button with the icon of a car and the travel time at the bottom.
  4. We will see the route at the top. If we want to change the starting point, we tap on My location and we look for another.
  5. we touch on add stop to search and add one of them.
  6. We use the sliders on the right to establish the order of the route, probably with the stop that we just added between the origin and the destination.
  7. we touch TO GO.

Easy, right? We can add all the stops that we need, with which we can modify the itinerary so that it adapts exactly to our needs. An itinerary with the added advantage that we will have the forecast of kilometers and duration available at all times.

Have Apple Maps notify you when you approach a DGT radar

Please note that multi-stop routes are currently only available for those planning to drive. An option with which, in addition to being able to share the arrival time with whoever we consider, we can make detailed plans of any route.

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