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A lot has already been said by various colleagues about what during these two Saturday hours – from 14.00 to 16.00 – the coach of Khimki near Moscow, Spartak Gogniev, did. I don’t know how Roskomnadzor doesn’t fly to Dmitry Guberniev and his owners for the value judgment “Gogniev is finished …”, where instead of honing one of the financially punishable words.

Let’s start with just the facts.

At the 35th minute coach Gogniev changes team captain Denis Glushkov. He does not even look in the direction of the bench, but rushes with a jerk into the room under the stands. Clearly the club is on fire. The impression is enhanced by the reaction of the coach, who shouts so that everyone sitting in the neighboring sectors can hear:

– Home, … (a swear word meaning a woman with low social responsibility). Home, … (a swear word meaning the direction of movement).

Going to the locker room during the break, he attacks the referee, for which he receives a second yellow card – it is also red.

On the way to the locker room, he meets with Match-TV correspondent Sergei Durasov and reprimands him for the “wrong questions” in the pre-match flash interview, the journalist’s mother and trying to prove that someone instructed the totem to ask these questions.

It seemed that more about Gogniev in this match, we will not learn anything new and will not see, as the red card suggests that further he is only in the locker room. But by the end of the second half, he was found in one of the sectors, from where he followed the Khimki kick from the 11-meter mark.

He rejoiced at the scored year with a score of 0:6, as if he had won the European Cup. He jumped, shouted and smashed the chairs in the row in front of him.

I have listed the facts known to me. To make it clearer, you can watch and listen to all this on the Soviet Sport telegram channel.

Basically, I want to say one thing. Spartak Gogniev has always been reckless, if not frostbitten. We remember very well why and how his ribs were broken right on the field during a match with the Chechens in 2011. Then they talked more and more about the field commander, who taxied from the edge of the field, and also that a couple of hundred people poured out of the stands to beat Gogniyev. But after all, Spartak himself provoked the situation, publicly telling the referee what he thinks about his mother.

Usually, a coaching career teaches a previously restless and explosive person to self-control and greater composure. Here it is not at all clear what will happen next. Obviously, they will ask Khimki – there is no result, no control over the scattered team. But who and when will agree to hire Gogniev anywhere? So we probably saw his last match on Saturday.

Source: Sovsport

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