Simeone on the Civitas Metropolitano bench giving instructions

It is a ‘rare bird’ in modern football. At a time when patience is the first thing that is lost in search of immediate results, the Cholo Simeone He continues to swim against the current in his career. On December 23, 2011, almost eleven years ago, the Atletico Madrid hired the Argentine coach after dismissing from his position Goyo Jimenez. The mattress set was on the ground, it had been eliminated from the Copa del Rey for him Albacete and the board was looking for a radical turn of the wheel.

They got it, and how. Since then, the history of Atlético de Madrid has been very different and its track record has increased over this period of time. Two La Liga championships, another two more than Europe Leaguethe same number of European Super Cupsa Spain Supercup and one Copa del Reyalso achieved in the Santiago Bernabeu before him real Madridmake Simeone a true institution by himself.

With these records, no one had dared to argue with Cholo. With little, he has done almost miracles. His style of play, especially in the early years, was defined. It could be liked more or less, but it was effective and served to reach total success. However, in recent months something has been changing around Atlético de Madrid. There are more and more doubts about his project, opposing voices, and there are even players in conflict with him.

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The sports results do not accompany and the resounding failure of the Champions League has fueled the fire. No one disputes what he has done in the Vicente Calderón first and in Metropolitan afterwards, all athletes will be eternally grateful to him but there are some who think that everything that begins, one way or another, ends. There are several factors that surround Simeone and that shake his figure at the head of the Madrid team more than ever.

Failure in Champions League

What has happened in the top continental competition is a very hard stick for the club to accept. in a group with Porto, Bruges Y Bayer Leverkusen, Atlético de Madrid started as the big favorites, not to get through this first phase, but to be the first. Rivals from minor leagues and with worse squads, foreshadowed that the people of Madrid could pass comfortably, but reality has hit them.

The colchoneros said goodbye on the penultimate day confirming a hard blow, and they were only able to win Porto once. In fact, they still have to secure third place to at least be able to fall to the Europa League. This elimination has shaken the figure of Simeone.

Simeone on the Civitas Metropolitano bench giving instructions


A victim speech

Since his arrival, Cholo has always followed the same speech in each intervention. He has placed behind Real Madrid and the Barcelona Soccer Club Alleging, above all, economic reasons. Whenever he was asked about the possibility of fighting or winning La Liga, the answer was the same and he pointed out the budgets of the two greats.

However, reality says that Atlético de Madrid has also been able to spend large amounts of money on transfers in recent years. The signing of joao felix It is at the height of the most expensive on the planet, since the mattress makers spent 127 million euros for it. Lemar, Diego Costa either Radamel Falcao they were also expensive additions that not all clubs can afford. Many criticize him for a certain lack of ambition, as well as too much conformism.

style changes

For years, the game of Atlético de Madrid has been very recognizable. The Cholo Simeone teams were characterized by signs as clear as the unconditional dedication of the players, a strong defense and a seasoned team. There was a lot of debate about whether his game was attractive or not, but of course it was effective because it led to the path of titles.

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On occasions, the Argentine coach has been claimed that his teams play in a more cheerful and showy way, something that has been seen in recent seasons. However, this seems to have confused the team’s ideas a bit and the results have stopped being so good.

Joao Felix’s mess

The most expensive player in the history of Atlético de Madrid and the best coach of all time are facing each other. It is an open secret that has been made public with different exchanges of statements. The Portuguese has never found regularity with Simeone, and the coach has criticized him for a lack of attitude.

The divorce, despite the Portuguese’s two recent goals against Cadiz, it is evident, and it has become a serious problem. The situation seems unsustainable and everything indicates that one of the two will have to end up leaving unless everything takes a big turn.

Joao Félix, on the bench of Atlético de Madrid

Joao Félix, on the bench of Atlético de Madrid


The King’s Cup

For Atlético de Madrid, the Copa del Rey is a competition to take into account and that is a great way to continue adding weight to its record. However, during all these years the mattress team has only managed to add a single Cup to its record, although it is true that it was in a very special way.

The worst is the image offered by Simeone’s team in recent seasons. Last year they couldn’t get past the round of 32, but big hits against smaller teams in other years, such as the tie at the hands of Cornellá Or the Leonese Cultural they suppose very big stains in the curriculum.

a worn figure

Spending eleven years in any job means wear and tear, but if it is also in a place with such high demands as Atlético de Madrid, everything is much greater. The figure of Simeone has been wearing down over time as a result of some factors such as those already mentioned, clashes with players or poor sports results.

The fans doubt

In recent months, some sector of the fans has emerged that has stopped blindly believing in the figure of Simeone at the head of Atlético de Madrid. If years ago, the Calderón or the Metropolitano were a cauldron shouting ‘Ole, ole, ole, Cholo Simeone’, in recent times it is much more difficult to find unanimity in this song.

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The colchoneros are going to be eternally grateful to the work done by Simeone at the head of the rojiblanco bench, but the team has already taken some whistles for certain performances at the Metropolitano and that is something that is also blamed on the coach.

Some incredulous players

As with the fans, the feeling has also been transferred to the locker room. Years ago, when things were going better and everything worked almost automatically, no player got out of the wheel and followed Simeone’s instructions to the letter in training and on the pitch.

However, bad results always raise doubts. The example of João Félix perfectly reflects that there are those who feel that they could have a different role in the team and that they deserve another type of prominence or even play due to their characteristics.

the best paid

Cholo Simeone is the highest paid coach in the world and that entails sporting responsibilities that are not being fully fulfilled. He earns more than any other professional colleague on other benches of more powerful teams, and that also means added pressure for the Argentine.

Diego Pablo 'Cholo' Simeone snorts on the bench of the Metropolitan

Diego Pablo ‘Cholo’ Simeone snorts on the bench of the Metropolitan

Europe Press

Even if Atlético de Madrid were to get rid of Simeone, they could also free up a good part of the budget that could be invested in signings for the squad.

Does not squeeze the template

For years Simeone has been asked to abandon his meaner game in favor of something more attractive on the pitch. At times Atlético de Madrid has tried and has come to have more colorful phases, but it has not been something regular and even this has penalized them.

Cholo is credited with having a squad with great potential that he is not knowing how to get the most out of. players like Carrasco, Koke, Llorente, Joao Felix either bruise they emerge as talented men who could sign better performances and a bigger show.

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