So you can make the manual time change on your computer, iOS or Android device if you do not have the automatic time change activated.

We have to save energy, and for this tonight we must not forget to carry out the pertinent time changenow the winter one, whereby we are going to have to set all our clocks back one hour, and we tell you exactly at what time and, if it is necessary to do it manually, all the steps required.

And it is that although most of our electronic devices will make this time change automatically to adapt their clocks to the new schedule winterWhether you have changed the settings or have a somewhat old device, you will have to make this change manually.

In principle, if you have a smartphone and you haven’t changed anything in the configuration, the Time change It will be done this morning completely automatically and you won’t have to worry, and exactly the same thing happens with your personal computer, since the operating system will do it for you.

Obviously, any other technological device that does not have an automatic time change system must be changed manually, but that is another story, especially if you have old watches.

In any case, we will tell you how to make the time change manually both on Windows PC, as well as on iOS and Android.

Change to winter time

In this particular case, we have to adapt to winter time and for this we must delay the time.

It is the change that nobody likes, since it will be very soon and at night.

Specifically the winter time change will happen from the early morning of October 29 to 30, 2022.

When it’s 3 in the morning you must set the clock back to 2 in the morningso we will have one more hour to sleep.

How to change the time manually on Windows PC

In principle, you should have it activated automatically, both the change for winter time and for summer time, but if you have it deactivated, which is also possible, you must perform the following actions:

  • We access Windows settings
  • We select “time and language” which is located at the bottom
  • And we give “change” in the option “set the date and time manually”

Surely you have the first option “adjust the time automatically” activated, so you should not worry and the change to winter or summer time will be made without you noticing.

How to change the time manually on Android

  • To do this we must access Settings of our Android operating system
  • Depending on the manufacturer, you should find “date and time” in different places within the settings. In our case we have it within “additional settings”.
  • Accessing “additional settings” and we have the option of “date and time”.
  • If you don’t have the “use network time” theme enabled, you can manually change both the date and time.

How to change the time manually on iOS

The latest version of iOS allows us to change the time simply by accessing settings on our iPhone.

  • Then entering “general”.
  • And more or less in the middle you should find “date and time” where if we do not have the automatic adjustment activated, we can change it to our liking.

As you can see, it is quite easy to manually change the date and time on our smart device, although currently practically the vast majority of them will make this change automatically.


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