The Central Zone of Saltillo is full of iconic buildings, stories as old as the city and dozens of alleys that have legends to tell.

On this occasion we tell you about the cases, which are counted, that occurred in the alleys known as May 5, Santos Rojo and Idelfonso Vázquez.


Crossing from Ignacio Allende to Miguel Hidalgo streets, we find the May 5 alley, which has also been named: “del Moro”, “del Rey”, “de Torcuato” and “de Ibarra”.

In 1929, the building that would occupy the Knights of Columbus Catholic association was built. Meetings, dances and other social events were held there.

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It was during the decade 1950 when at the end of a celebration, at dawn, noises of plates and tables were heard moving. Those who were at the site ran towards Hidalgo Street.

Other people narrate that at night, turning in the alley, they have been able to see human silhouettes around. It is believed that they could be the ghosts of the old Spanish shopkeepers, inhabitants of the sector in the 17th century.

Sure you locate the alley red saintspopular for being next to the Chapel of Santo Cristo.


$!Corner of the alley where today there is a traditional restaurant.

Corner of the alley where today there is a traditional restaurant.

This crossing was also known as “de las Ánimas”, “del Santo Cristo” and “de la Capilla”. Its current name pays homage to whoever was one of the first settlers and founders of the city, in addition to living in the building next to the alley where today we find a restaurant.

In this pedestrian crossing the story of The Lady in Black is told. According to oral tradition, one winter morning, Santos Rojo and a friend of his were attending mass at 6:00 a.m. when they saw in front of them, in the alley, a woman dressed entirely in black and carrying a candle on.

At the entrance to the temple, she began to rise above the ground but without touching it. When it was time to say the prayer and everyone bowed, the woman simply vanished in front of them.


There is another story that, although not paranormal, portrays a foreign character popular in the city. He was found in the alley that goes from Miguel Hidalgo to Nicolás Bravo streets, which today is called Idelfonso Vázquez.

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This crossing was also called “del Truco”, and it is believed that it was called that way because of the narration that dictates that a French pastry chef sold his desserts there on a small table and in a basket.


As a business strategy, the man shouted “come in dealers, come in; here cakes and tricks at five for a real”.

The trick consisted of tubes of flour with a special preparation, which when they began to be baked, were filled, by themselves, with a kind of paste. How many saltillenses will not have been left captivated with that.

The pastry chef later went to the capital of the country, and was one of the merchants who suffered losses in their businesses due to the theft of their products during the War of the Pastries, in 1838.


There are those who believe that if you go through there, you can find more than a trick, or more than just a street. But that will depend on the time you go and how susceptible you are to encountering Saltillo’s past.

In an investigation carried out by the Saltillo historian Carlos Recio on the occasion of his book “Geographical, urban, public and transit spaces of Saltillo. XVI to XX centuries ”, he managed to account for 45 alleys through documents and newspapers XIX century.

*With information from Juan Marino Oyervides, Carlos Recio and Froylán Mier.


Source: Vanguardia

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