Find out why food looks so appetizing in anime.

In general, anime is characterized by having suspense or action scenes which turn out to be quite impressive, detailing every move and every attack during the matchups pretty well.

If you consider yourself a fan of anime, you have surely noticed that in the vast majority of them the food usually looks great too.

In case you have ever wondered why food in anime looks so appetizing, that you can even see some gluttonous characters enjoying it so much, today we will tell you the main reasons why food in anime looks so good.

Why does food look so good in anime?

Surely you must think Japanese animators have a kind of magic when it comes to animating food dishes, but the real reasons why Japanese cuisine looks so good in anime are quite varied.

Japanese animation, in addition to giving the food a very good appearance, has also been in charge of popularize various of Japanese dishessuch as Naruto’s Ramen.

emotional background of food

Food also has an emotional undertone that is depicted in the anime.

Food also has an emotional undertone that is depicted in the anime.

One of the main reasons viewers find watching food dishes in anime so satisfying is because of the emotional background that these bring with them.

In general, within the anime, the moment of eating food is always brings a pleasant momentwhich produces a feeling of comfort and warmth, both in the characters and in the spectators.

In the anime, unlike real life, food preparation is presented as something exciting, capturing the essence of feelings and the emotional value of something as simple as food.

Food in the aspect of religion

Japanese culture is characterized by be quite religious which, in much of the country, is “Shintoism”.

This religion is technically based on worshiping the spirits that are within each living and non-living being; The main way to worship these spirits is making offerings of delicious food dishes.

Taking into account the great importance that is attributed to food within religion in Japan, it is reasonable that each dish of food is wanted to be detailed very well, how a form of express respect towards food and religion.

Very well detailed animations

In this image you can appreciate the great work of the animation team to represent an exquisite dish

In this image you can appreciate the great work of the animation team to represent an exquisite dish

Another reason why food looks so good in anime is because the luxury of details that the dishes have in terms of animation.

From the smoke that the dish gives off, to the texture that can be seen in each ingredient that is on the plate.

Witnessing the plates of food, the viewer can appreciate everything the effort the animators have put into the design of each plate.

In general, Japanese animation emphasizes well defining each characteristic of the dish that is presented, so that the viewer is satisfied. your expectations of what a real plate of food should look like.


Food is an essential part of Japanese culture.

Food is an essential part of Japanese culture.

“Washoku” is a term used to define Japanese food culture. This term defines the Japanese principles, rules and traditions when it comes to food.

These principles have been present in Japanese culture for centuriesand to this day they are still preserved and kept with respect.

The importance of gastronomy in Japan can also be evidenced by the fact that one of the central and most important parts of Japanese festivals is traditional food.

Having seen all these aspects, it is more than clear the essential role that gastronomy plays in Japanese culture which, in addition to being an important part of everyday life, is also fundamental in social and religious terms.

This is why it is totally and absolutely understandable that Japanese animation does not let gastronomy go unnoticed in its productions, putting its greatest effort into highlight this aspect of their culture.

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