Soviet Union.- “The Rostov Butcher” either “The Red Ripper”is considered as the biggest 20th century serial killer in history of all Russia, and the Soviet Unionhis name is Andrei Chikatiloand ended the lives of women and children between 1979 and the 1990s.

Andrei Chikalito committed very serious crimes, such as homicide and sexual abuse of children and women in Russia, who also was in charge of mutilating the bodies of the victims.

Chikatilo had an introverted childhood, he was a very insecure child and he was self-conscious about having myopia, in addition to being a very shy boy with women, who failed in many romantic relationships, and after graduating as a teacher, he began to feel attraction to under 12 years oldso he began to go into the bedrooms where the children slept and masturbated when he saw them sleep.

The first crime of this disgusting homicide It happened in 1978, when he convinced a girl to accompany him to a cabin on the outskirts of the city, and then began to undress her by force, and the little girl scratched him in an attempt to get away, but instead of moving him away she provoked him. an erection as he felt blood gushing out of him. At that time the murders of Andrei Chikatilo were marked, since he began to feel pleasure through stabbing, screaming and mutilating his victims.

‘The red ripper’, practiced cannibalism and he was a lover of taking out the eyes and nipples of his victims, he removed the sexual organs of children and kept them as if they were a trophy.

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After his arrest, the repulsive murderer confessed to having taken the lives of at least 56 people, but he was only penalized for 53 of said homicides, and finally, in 1994, Andrei Chikatilo was executed.

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