Such "Loco" should not fight for survival!  CSKA kept a minimal advantage in the derby


Probably, in the 21st century there was not even such a moment when the fans of Lokomotiv and CSKA approached a face-to-face meeting in such a different mood. The army team in the last three rounds played only in a draw, but stayed in the top three teams in the league, but the railroad has never been as bad as this season – three points from the relegation zone. Against this background, it is even hard to believe that in a duel with the red-blues they have 28 wins against 24 losses.

And about. Andrey Fedorov, head coach of Loko, drew serious conclusions from the wilds of the previous round with Dynamo (1:3) and prepared a surprise for the opponent by mirroring the formation with three central defenders. To Tin Yedvay and Dmitry Barinov, the mentor sent Stanislav Magkeev.

Vladimir Fedotov also surprised in defense, instead of Kirill Nababkin, he released 18-year-old debutant Matvey Lukin in the top three. Igor Diveev and Bruno Fuchs, recovering from injuries, got into the squad, but remained on the bench. It is also impossible not to mention that Moises and Sasha Zdelar missed the game due to disqualifications. The first was replaced by Ivan Oblyakov, the second by Maxim Mukhin. Already five Russians at the heart of the army. When was the last time this happened?


The first half of the half turned out to be very fussy. Both teams tried to move the ball quickly, but there was no experience of such a game, so there was an incredible amount of marriage on both sides. The army team, apparently, watched the opponent’s match with Dynamo and were sure that the hosts would again dig in in front of their own penalty area, so they were surprised when they failed to take the ball to themselves.

At first, the trio of central defenders of the railway workers confidently coped with the rustic counterattacks of the guests, sharpened to throw in the direction of Fedor Chalov. However, it was worth red-blue to carry out a positional attack, and the defenders faltered. Jorge Carrascal played great on the rebound after a blocked shot by Ivan Oblyakov and filed to the far post, where a 178-centimeter Jesus Medina jumped out from behind Chalov, heading the ball into the goal.

After that, Loko’s advantage in possession became even more accentuated, but the sharpness came only from Konstantin Maradishvili, who played closer than usual to the attack. During the half, he landed almost half of the team’s shots (four out of nine) and had a crazy moment when he fell one on one with Igor Akinfeev. The midfielder decided to beat the best goalkeeper in Russia, but he knocked the ball away with the tip of his boot. Wow!

And at the end of the half there was an episode thatth after the game will definitely be discussed. Having been warned, Baktiyor Zainutdinov, in the fight against Magkeev, waved him off and hit him in the face with his palm. The blow was not serious, but the Kazakhstani got cold inside. He remained on his knees and in a panic showed the referee Artem Lyubimov that his opponent was grabbing his T-shirt, which, by the way, one cannot but agree with. The judge showed loyalty by leaving the slap unpunished. However, before that he missed an even tougher elbow strike from Barinov in the middle of the field.


During the break, Fedorov released instead of Maxim Nenakhov Dmitry Zhivoglyadov, who has a better serve. Obviously, to increase the pressure on the right edge, which was practically inactive in the first half. Indeed, Loko has become even better at controlling the ball. This evening, he did not at all resemble a team fighting for survival.

Anton Miranchuk was especially good, leading the entire game of the team in the middle of the field and near someone else’s penalty area. Still, Francois Camano and Wilson Isidore corresponded to the efforts of a partner. The Frenchman can at least take to his credit the same transfer to Maradishvili, after which he jumped out one on one, but the Guinean acted as a passenger. In the middle of the half, Fedorov replaced both.

So CSKA led the score, and Loko – the game. And until the final whistle, the picture did not change. Although the army team had a chance to make the ending less nervous, when Chalov shot from a free kick into the far corner, but only shook the post, and Zainutdinov, who was alone opposite the empty target, sent the ball over the crossbar with his hip. And a couple of minutes before the end, Egor Ushakov, who came on as a substitute, outwitted Guilherme magnificently and sent the ball from a zero angle. It’s only a pity that before that he hit Barinov with his elbow. He was so upset that even before the final whistle he earned a second yellow card and was sent off.

As a result, the red-blues, defending two-thirds of the match, still kept the winning result – for the first time in the last four rounds. Nevertheless, fans of the army team cannot but be alarmed by how the team reacts to the advantage in the score. Counterplay almost disappears. The same Chalov got lost in the opponent’s defense and had no chances from the game. Loko again did not score points, although they did not deserve defeat.

RPL. 15th round

Lokomotiv – CSKA – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Medina, 22.

“Locomotive”: Guilherme, Nenakhov (Zhivoglyadov, 46), Magkeev, Edvay, Barinov, Tiknizyan, Karpukas, Miranchuk, Maradishvili (Kulikov, 81), Kamano (Kerk, 64), Isidor (Rakognats, 64).

CSKA: Akinfeev, Gayich, Lukin, Rosha, Zainutdinov, Oblyakov, Mukhin (Fuchs, 90+1), Mendez (Ermakov, 46), Medina (Ushakov, 82), Carrascal, Chalov (Zabolotny, 82).

Warnings: Zaynutdinov, 12. Mendez, 45+1. Zhivoglyadov, 67. Ushakov, 90+1. Carrascal, 90+3.

Removal: Ushakov, 90+5 (2 LCDs).

Referee: Lyubimov (St. Petersburg).

Source: Sovsport

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