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Roller skates for adults
What do you have to consider when following the retro trend?

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Roller skates for adults are very trendy. No wonder! The retro feeling and the often brightly colored look are simply fun. What you should consider when (re)entering the world of roller skates and which models are particularly beautiful and recommendable, we will now tell you.

This is not about the ultimate speed rush or the biggest calorie burn. Roller skating is just plain fun! Everything else is a side effect (and yet one should not underestimate the sporting effects). Not only children enjoy it. Also Adult roller skates are back in abundance. But there are a few things you should pay attention to when buying and before you start rolling – for the sake of your health and your driving pleasure.

Roller skates for adults: who is the trend suitable for?

Roller skating is only for kids? No way! After all, with a bit of practice, we adults can also glide smoothly along. The only important thing is that you generally in good health located; People with knee problems should first approach it slowly.

The history of roller skates, which were originally not intended for children but for adults, begins as early as the 18th century. However, they only became a trend sport in the middle of the 20th century. Colorful roller skates, as we still know them today, were extremely popular, especially in the disco era.

Our three favourites

Impala roller skates

One name you’re sure to see a lot on the streets and on the rinks is von Impala Skate. With many years of experience in the surf and skate lifestyle, the Australian company offers you a wide selection of colorful, single-colored, but also covered roller skates. The individual models differ only in their appearance. What they have in common, however, is that they all Peta certified and thus vegan are. It also unites them aluminum base platea ABEC 7 bearings as well as one Roller hardness of 82 A.

BTFL Boards & Skates

The BTFL brand was originally created to offer high quality longboards (especially for women) and later transferred their concept to the roller skate sector. BTFL stands for “beautiful”. That doesn’t just apply to the real pretty optics to, but can also be used in a figurative sense on their ADemand for quality and the promotion of young women as a community relate. The roller skates are available in three versions: Classic, Classic Pro and Trend(y). The classic models have a typical heel, while the trend models are designed as flat sneakers. All have one ABEC 7 bearings and have Roller hardness between 80 and 90 A.

This Suede model available in three different color combinations with 80 A wheels and said ABEC 7 ball bearings for optimal handling.

Rio Roller

The British company Rio Roller dates back to the 1990s and can therefore look back on a longer roller skating history return. At Rio Roller you can choose between sneaker models and Roller skates with heels Select. Both variants of the roller skates for adults and children are each with ABEC 7 bearings equipped and roles in the Hardness 82 A.

This Rio Roller model is off vegan faux leather and not only brings a good mood when driving due to the colorful look.

Whether colourful, shiny or simple – adults will find the right roller skates without any problems. But what should you look out for when buying?

5 things to look out for when buying roller skates

  1. size
  2. Area of ​​application – this results in:
  3. Hardness of the roles
  4. ABEC value of the ball bearing
  5. protective clothing

1. The right size

We don’t need to explain any longer that your roller skates have to be the right size. the correct size ensures good control over the shoe and prevents pressure points. Just a note that you can generally assume your normal shoe size.

If you then try them on, it is better to do so in the afternoon or evening and with thin socks. This makes it easier for you to feel possible pressure points.

2. Area of ​​application

Basically, a distinction is only made between recreational and roller sports models for professionals. So if you are planning a (semi-)professional career in roller skating derby, you have to choose the right models and dig a little deeper into your pockets. Otherwise, most are suitable Roller skates for leisure use and are intended for outdoor use as well as for use in roller skate discos and skate halls.

3. Hardness of the roles

Depending on where you want to be with your roller skates, you have to decide on the hardness of the rollers (or have interchangeable rollers ready). Basically, the Hardness named with an indication from 0 to 100/105 A. The following applies:

  1. je higher the number, the harder the roles.
  2. je harder the roles, the fewerGrip you give and the safer you should already be in your driving style. If you are still unsure and would rather have a little more grip, you should opt for softer wheels.
  3. je harder the roles, the less they compensate for bumps and wobbles.
  4. Skaters with a slightly higher weight often feel up harder roll more comfortable.

There are of course other things to look out for regarding the roles. But for recreational roller skaters, in our experience, the hardness of the wheels is the decisive criterion.

4. ABEC rating of ball bearing

Just like the hardness of the wheels, the so-called ABEC value of the ball bearing also depends on where you want to ride your roller skates.

Incidentally, ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee – but it doesn’t really matter.

The ABEC value is given in steps 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The higher the ABEC value, the higher the quality of the ball bearing. For leisure drivers, 5 and 7 ball bearings are completely sufficient. 9s are especially recommended for professionals and frequent drivers.

5. Protective clothing

Let’s face it, roller skating as an adult can be a shaky experience at first. But even if you are a bit more experienced, you should Do not neglect suitable protective clothing. On the contrary. Because the safer you feel, the more likely you are to pick up a little more speed or try out little tricks. And the risk of a fall and injury increases. So please take care and use it Knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads and possibly also a helmet. Then the height of the fall, which has certainly increased significantly since your childhood days, no longer has to frighten you.

How much do adult roller skates cost?

If you are looking for recreational roller skates, the prices are in a moderate range. There are also very cheap models at discounters. You just have to take a close look at the quality and safety and assess it yourself based on the points mentioned. Online or in sports and leisure stores there are good modelsbetween 60 and 200 euros – depending on the offer and requirements.

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