Enrique Santos Discépolo composed an iconic tango titled Cambalache. It has been performed by great singers such as Carlos Gardel and Joan Manuel Serrat. Cambalache illustrates a reality that Enrique Santos located in the 20th century: “today it turns out that being upright is the same as being a traitor, ignorant, wise, jet-setting, generous, a swindler, everything is the same, nothing is better, a donkey is the same as a great professor (…) the immoral have made us equal”

If in the 20th century the immoral equaled us, in the 21st century they have surpassed and displaced us. The sites and places intended for those who behaved according to a series of moral criteria more or less agreed upon by all, and who were also beneficial for the group, are now occupied by those who do precisely the opposite.

There are many examples, but the most recent and notorious were given to us by the former mayor of Mazatlán, Chemist Benitez and Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, who incorporated the former mayor after he received a complaint against him in the State Prosecutor’s Office. for alleged property damage.

The scariest thing about this type of event is the audacity and carelessness with which they are carried out. They know there will be no consequences, neither political nor legal. And our lack of capacity for surprise, our disinterest and our complicity end up leaving the way clear for those who have no qualms about transgressing any decency or legal principle.

They are definitely times of scoundrels, for them it is the victories, the applause and the power. Never before had Heminwgay’s statement made so much sense: “the best people who have the discipline to tell the truth, the ability to sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable” and losers.

Only in a time when these predominate can it be understood that they reward someone accused of embezzlement with a public position. Or even, only in this way can it be understood that a dog walks through the streets of Zacatecas holding a human head in its snout. Only in times of scoundrels do things like this happen.

Source: Debate

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