Remy Vita: "What I miss is the Algerian sauce"

Rémy Vita investigates the sprints in his left lane at Fortuna Sittard. His fourth professional club… at only 21 years old. Meet.


You’re only 21, you’re at your fourth pro club (Troyes, Bayern Munich, Barnsley and Fortuna Sittard), you’re speeding, right?
No, frankly, I didn’t go too fast, I think. At Bayern, it was a stage where I learned a lot defensively and offensively. Now I’m at Fortuna until 2026 and I’m happy. Several clubs, especially in the Championship, wanted me last summer, but especially on loan. And I wanted to be stable. At Bayern, I was not in the coach’s plans (Julian Nagelsmann, Editor’s note).

How are you feeling at Fortuna Sittard this season?
Frankly, from the start, I was put at ease, even if it didn’t go as planned with the former coach. (Sjors Ultee), which did not make me play much. With the new (Julio Velázquez), I have more playing time and I scored two goals. The coach likes my versatility, that’s what he likes. It’s true that at the base, I am a left side, but I can play a notch higher or even a right midfielder. At the moment, I am a left midfielder and I like it, it allows me to attack, hit, move forward and dribble. The coach understands football, he is renowned for that. Since he arrived, we have won everything (3 wins and 2 draws in reality). I really like what he offers.

It seems that Dutch is complicated to learn and to speak. How are you doing?
There were a few French speakers at the start of the season, Samy (Baghdadi)who went to Dunkirk, Mickaël (Tirpan) who is in turkey (in Kasımpaşa) and Richie (Musaba), but otherwise I speak English. I mostly learned when I was at Barnsley. I speak pretty well now, so that helps.

“They like cycling too much here. Whether it’s windy or snowing, they’re on it. »

Are there things that have marked you since you have been in the Netherlands?
They like cycling too much here. (Laughs.) Whether it’s windy or snowing, they’re on it. Otherwise, I live in Maastricht, 25 minutes from Sittard. It’s a quiet town, I like it. You can walk around without worry. Liege, in Belgium, is not very far either. I haven’t gone to see Standard yet, but it could come.

When it comes to food, are there things you miss?
I go shopping in Liège, and there, it’s like in France. We find everything we need. Ah yes, there is one thing I miss: the Algerian sauce! (Laughs.)

We’re on the phone there, but we hear that it’s laughing behind, are you at the club?
Yeah, it’s playing ping-pong there! Me, I think I’m in the top 5 of the club. The strongest is Ivor (Pandur), the Guardian. I never beat him. Burak Yılmaz plays from time to time too, but I’ve never faced him.

“Burak Yılmaz is a very good guy, he helps young people a lot. He’s a real leader. It can also happen to him to shout on the other hand. »

Speaking of him, well, it seems that at the start of the season, he paid the match bonuses himself, can you confirm?
So, frankly, I don’t even know. As far as he is concerned, he is a very good guy, he helps the youngsters a lot. He is a real leader, like all great players. It can also happen to him to shout on the other hand.

At Fortuna Sittard, you wear number 61, an unusual number, why?
It’s a tribute to where I come from, Perseigne, in Orne (whose department number is 61). This is the city where I grew up. All my friends ask me for jerseys. (Laughs.)

“When I was 10, I just saw all my friends leaving to play matches on Saturday or Sunday. And on a whim, I asked my father to take me. »

Can you go back on your journey? How did you start football?
It started very late for me, since I started football at the age of 10. In fact, I didn’t have much in mind at that time. I just saw all my friends leaving to play matches on Saturday or Sunday. And on a whim, I asked my father to take me. That’s how the adventure started. And quite quickly, I carried out tests, at the Stade Malherbe de Caen in particular. Then, at 16, I went to Angers. But I only stayed there for two years, because I had done some stupid things with a friend, Aristode Youlou. (now in reserve at Sochaux, editor’s note). There, I rubbed shoulders with Rayan Aït-Nouri. I was in the middle, he was behind. It was going quite fast on the left side. (He laughs.)

And finally, you land in Troyes then…
It was my former agent who placed me there, because he already had a player at ESTAC and he knew the director of the training center well. In addition, I had played against this team in the play-offs. I started with the U19s, the reserve, then I took over with the pros. From the U19s to the pros, it happened quite naturally in reality. The preparation camp before the season, I didn’t think I was going, but once called, I never said to myself that I was not up to standard. Above all, I didn’t have to take my head, I had to play my game.

And first match of the season in Ligue 2, boom, you’re a starter.
It’s one of my great memories, yes. It was against Le Havre! I had finished the meeting with cramps. My family wasn’t there, but they made up for it afterwards during the match against Pau.

She did well, because three games later, you had already left for Bayern Munich…
I had seen the rumors at the time, but I was unaware of anything. And then it happened pretty quickly.

Tell us how your arrival at this legendary club went?
The first year didn’t go too well. I didn’t speak the language, and even though I had a translator, I couldn’t play my football well. It’s actually Dimitri Oberlin (Swiss international, editor’s note), who spoke French, who remotivated me. He made me want to play again. He just said to me: “The only thing that changes compared to before is the country. » And it clicked like that.

“At Bayern, I never said to myself ‘Wow’. They were people like us. I was not impressed. »

Were you impressed by what you saw in training?
I had the chance to train from time to time with the first team. But I never said to myself “Wow”. They were people like us. I was not impressed. The one who marked me the most was Leroy Sané. All the one-on-ones that I had to play against him, he won them. This is where I said to myself that between TV and reality, it was not the same.

Are there any other players who caught your eye at Bayern?
Jamal Musiala, with whom I played in reserve, was above everyone. It’s a crack. He’s not a player who’s going to do a lot of stepovers, but everything he did was clean. He has class on a field. And the other players who broke through that I knew there was Josip Stanusic (Bayern Munich)Gabriel Vidovic (Arnhem speed) and Scott Christopher (Antwerp). Scott, he danced the afro. He masters. Me too, a little, since I taught him everything. (Laughs.)

Why didn’t you stay longer at Bayern?
The season I arrive, the reserve finished champion. She was in D3, but since Bayern were in the Bundesliga, the reserve could not go any higher. I dispute the season, and we end up going down. I did not see myself playing in the fourth division. So I asked to be loaned. I had to go to Le Havre, everything was almost done. But my dream was England. And at the last minute, Barnsley, in the Championship, makes an offer. I gone ahead. In addition, there was no left side there, I was almost sure to play. There were French speakers too, Claudio (Gomes)Amine (Bassi)Aaron Leya Iseka, the brother of Batshuayi, Obbi Oulare and Will Hondermarck.

“At Barnsley, the crowd was amazing. That really shocked me. They are not the same supporters as in France. »

And how was England?
The audience was amazing. That really shocked me. They are not the same supporters as in France. All the stadiums are filled, it’s a kiff. Well, I didn’t have a song in my name on the other hand. (Laughs.) But I was able to play against Fulham, I had been elected man of the match elsewhere. I faced Sheffield United, Middlesbrough. There was a lot of intensity. It’s all there actually. My dream is the Premier League. Didier Drogba made me love Chelsea at the time. I watched a lot of his games when he was there.

By the way, did you have any idols when you were a kid?
My idol is Robinho! And Douglas Costa too. I didn’t have the chance to meet him at Bayern Munich, he was on loan at Juventus that season. They are big dribblers, who hit a lot.

Finally, we are going to talk about your origins and Madagascar, a selection that you could join quickly?
I talk a lot with the coach, Nicolas Dupuis, the sports director too. We are still in discussion. It’s thanks to my father, Daniel, who is Mahoran-Malagasy. In the team, otherwise, I know Rayan Raveloson, who was with me in Troyes. But for the moment, nothing is done with the selection.

Interview by Tanguy Le Seviller


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