The debate on the suspension of the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO) in next year’s election is already open and divides waters within the Front of All, while Together for Change is blocked by the rejection. The Minister of the Interior and a reference for Kirchnerism, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, finished whitewashing the proposal by arguing that “the majority of governors and mayors” seek to suspend them and that “they want to convince the President” to move forward in that direction. Alberto Fernández resists with the desire to go for his re-election. The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, strongly crossed his Cabinet counterpart, whom he asked to “stop screwing around” and to “accompany the President.” Meanwhile, the head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, and the ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli, came out to defend the continuity of the PASO. From the opposition alliance of JpC, the mayor of Buenos Aires and presidential candidate of the macrismo, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, affirmed that the suspension of the Primaries “is cheating” in the electoral dispute.

Under this scenario, the provincial parties and governors put pressure with their own projects to suspend them: the Rio Negro deputy Luis Di Giácomo, of Together We Are Rio Negro, did it, and now the Rioja Peronist deputies will add their own with the support of Governor Ricardo Quintela. While the PRO deputy Luciano Laspina publicly proposed a legislative strategy to counteract the initiative: he proposed that if the ruling party gets the votes to approve the project in the lower house, they would add to the text the inclusion of the Single Paper Ballot for the next elections, which the opposition managed to impose in the Deputies and which Peronism blocked in the Senate.

All objectives with very little parliamentary air ahead: Congress has barely a month left to complete the period of ordinary sessions that ends on November 30. If the Parliament does not give the debate within that brief legislative period, the only alternative would be for the Government to extend the ordinary sessions or include the project in extraordinary sessions, where the Executive Power has the power to select the initiatives that are discussed and something little probable according to the positions assumed in Casa Rosada up to now. In any case, these last possibilities -if they occur- would expire in December, since Congress could not modify the electoral calendar in the same year as the elections.

official crack

With the internal of the FdT in the open, the official officials had to answer the journalistic questionnaire about the PASO and the presidential candidacies. Aníbal Fernández was no exception. “Do you see him running for President?” they asked him. “He is a candidate,” the minister replied firmly. “Even though La Cámpora doesn’t want to?” they asked. “There is no one here who can tell the President that he cannot be a candidate,” he replied.

Then, Fernández charged against Pedro’s “Wado” statements about the Primaries: “Instead of colliding with the divine button, the most important thing is to find the way around it. Why don’t they convince ‘Wado’, tell him to stop fucking around with this and accompany him to the President?”, he complained.

Daniel Scioli, also stood behind the president. “Today the STEPS are in force. In the case of the Frente de Todos, they can be very mobilizing from the bases of the militancy, from the participation of the entire country, from the aspiration of a councilor to a mayor or governor”, ​​said the Argentine ambassador in Brazil. Scioli stressed that “they are generators, it is a tool that was promoted for that”, and supported the idea that the elections be postponed for September 2023, which he considered as a “reasonable idea”, the proposal that the Casa Rosada is considering to shrink the distance between the primaries and the general election and avoid possible financial speculation in between. “I am a friend (of the president), and what he tells me in confidence is that he wants to create conditions so that our political space wins next year, he does not put his candidacy before saying that he wants to be the candidate. Like every president, it is his constitutional right, but he has also said that if necessary he would not go for re-election, ”Scioli clarified.

Rossi spoke in the same sense. “I heard that there are a large number of governors and mayors who do not want PASO and it may be that way. I disagree. I think they have to be maintained, that it would be a political mistake on our part to promote the repeal of the internal ones,” he said. the head of the AFI in statements to the online radio FM Futurock. “Differences within coalitions are always made within the coalition, and if there are no spaces to present dissent, they will surely be made outside,” added the official. “But it seems to me that if the President appreciates that he has the possibility of re-election and agrees to a PASO consultation, he is within his rights, and that would not generate any major problems,” Rossi pointed out, and when asked if he would support the figure of the president for a re-election, answered: “Clearly”.


“We are also working on a project to repeal the PASO. The FdT deputies from La Rioja are going to present it in the next few days,” legislator Ricardo Herrera told DiputadosTV. “We are going to present this project and it is going to be discussed within the Justicialist bloc, understanding that we have party discipline within the FdT. If the project does not prosper because the Justicialist block’s view is different, we are going to be respectful of the leadership” , assured and maintained that the project presented by the United Provinces interblock (Di Giacomo) “goes in the same direction.

Despite the pressure with which they promote the issue, the governors know that the main obstacle for it to prosper is entrenched within the ruling bloc itself. There are not a few deputies who expressed their disagreement. Especially those who respond to the internal space that responds to the President, but also a group of five deputies who respond to the social movements aligned with the so-called Cayetanos, who have already made explicit that they want the Primaries to dispute the PJ of Buenos Aires with different communes of the suburbs, among them The slaughter.


Just in case, the macrista Laspina did not hesitate to publicly raise how to face the project of a sector of the ruling party: “Deputies have already voted for a BU project (Single Paper Ballot) that is stopped in the Senate. Now we could incorporate it into the government project. If they have the votes to repeal PASO, they will have to bring the BU inside. No deputy who voted for the previous BU project could oppose it now”, he posted on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Larreta – campaigning for Formosa – also spoke out against the suspension of the Primaries and chose a soccer metaphor in the style of his mentor. “The rules cannot be changed a few months before the election, it is as if we now change the rules of soccer one month before the World Cup, it is cheating,” the mayor of Buenos Aires said according to what the newspaper La Nación reported. “That’s cheating, they don’t have the votes and I hope no other party goes along with the cheat,” the presidential candidate said.

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