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Whenever he can, the governor of Jujuy and head of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), Gerardo Morales stirs up the inside of Together for Change a little more. On this occasion, he not only ratified his intention to be a pre-candidate for president in next year’s elections, but also ironically about the possibility of that one of the presidential candidates of the Pro “throw the coin” to accompany him as vice. On the other hand, he expressed his support for Senator Martín Lousteau in the Buenos Aires internal meeting of Together for Change (JxC) and pointed out that “if that is prevented” from the opposition coalition “we will have to talk about the rules again.” Both radical referents will participate this Saturday in an act that will seek, with the absence of Facundo Manes, to show a united party ahead of the elections.

“I have a personal dialogue with Patricia Bullrich, also with Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta). Let them toss the coin to see who is with me“, Morales said in radio statements. The head of the UCR was thus shown, once again, as a strong option within JxC, after promising “a beating” to former president Mauricio Macri if he presents himself as a candidate. In that framework , the radical leader criticized the government’s management of Cambio, emphasizing that “we need a real coalition government, not what happened between 2015 and 2019“. And he specified: “Between March and April we are going to make definitions.”

Morales anticipated: “Soon I will launch my campaign as a candidate and I am going to work so that radicalism has a candidate for President, always within the framework of Together for Change”. And he expressed his desire that the centennial party present a single candidate. For the Jujuy president, the Pro is going through a period of “rearrangements in terms of leadership”, because It is known what the role of Macri, Patricia and Horacio will be”. An inmate who “is going to fit in next year in one way or another. If it is not by consensus, it will be from the PASO”.

In this sense, he considered that “if there is no STEP, we will do an open internship throughout the country with the members of the parties that we make up Together for Change and the independent citizens.” Morales’s is the default response of all the members of the opposition coalition to the possibility that the government promotes a bill to eliminate the primary elections. An initiative that has not yet been debated in Congress, but that has the support of the governors and a part of the ruling party, and that could complicate the aspirations of JxC.

On the other hand, Morales referred to the Buenos Aires intern for the succession of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, headed by Martín Lousteau for the UCR and Jorge Macri for the PRO. He claimed that “the rules were agreed” so that radicalism can present Lousteau as a candidate for head of the Buenos Aires government, which is why “if that possibility is not there, we are going to have to discuss many things” within the opposition coalition. “Radicalism will have its candidate in the City and there will be clear and legitimate competition. If that is prevented, the rules will have to be discussed again and that will merit a meeting of the National Table“, explained the governor of Jujuy. However, he pointed out that he is not aware that Larreta is thinking of acting in this way since “in the last conversation I had with Horacio there was that guarantee.”

Act in Costa Salguero

The National Committee of the UCR will carry out this Saturday an act at the Costa Salguero property to celebrate “the return of democracy”, 39 years after the triumph of Raúl Alfonsín. Under the slogan “United, we win”radicalism will seek to position itself for the next elections, emphasizing a trait that its main internal competitor lacks: a PRO divided between hawks and doves.

In this sense, Morales highlighted the place of moderation that the force would occupy within JxC, and that would differentiate it from the image exhibited by the Pro candidates, increasingly turned towards right-wing proposals: “We want to show a radicalism with management, with ideas, with a moderate position regarding the challenges facing the country,” said the provincial head of state.

The call for the event, which will begin at 11, is carried out by the head of the party, Gerardo Morales, while other leaders of the space are also in the organization, such as the national senator Martín Lousteau or the deputy Emiliano Yacobitti, leaders of Evolution Radical in the Buenos Aires UCR. “The political message of the act is to show a united radicalism and mobilized and that is why people from all provinces are arriving,” sources close to Lousteau indicated. However, the space that Lousteau inaugurated in the middle of the year remains split from the radical bloc in Deputies.

Likewise, the other presidential candidate for radicalism, the national deputy for the UCR, Facundo Manes, will not participate in the act, since he is on a trip to Spain. Recently, and after stating that during the government of Mauricio Macri “there was evidence that people were spied on”, the neurosurgeon was harshly reprimanded by the entire coalition, including the central leadership of the UCR, who accused him of “injuring” the opposition coalition and called on him to frame himself without criticizing the other members. This week, Manes declared in an interview that it was an “oversized attack on what I said.”

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