It is one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. More than 500 years later he still fascinates by what he sees…and by the message he hides.

The Creation of Adam of Miguel Angel It is a fresco that is part of the vault of the Sistine Chapel. It represents God transmitting the “spark of life” to Adam. But she also hides many secrets.

Sculptor, architect, painter and poet, Michelangelo is one of the most sublime artists in history. His vocation was sculpture, but it was Pope Julius II who almost “forced” him to switch to painting. he commissioned paint the vault of the sistine chapelwhich Miguel Angel dedicated 4 years, between 1508 and 1512.

The temple ceiling has dozens of paintings, but the best known is Adan creation which represents God giving life to Adam. A religious work that is also an anatomy lesson. And, according to some scholars, a veiled criticism of the Church itselfand Pope Julius II.

The secrets of The Creation of Adam

If you look at the coolin the opening photo of the news, the representation of God, on the right, is “strange”.

The Creator is inside a red cloak, with the angels crowded around him. It is a strange drawing against the almost empty background of Adam, on the left.

It reminds many of the shape of the brain, something Dr. Frank Lynn Meshberger found in 1990:

The image is an accurate representation of the frontal lobe, optic chiasm, brainstem, pituitary gland, and cerebellum. On close examination, the edges of the painting correspond to the major sulci of the brain.

Miguel Angel he was an expert in human anatomy, so nobody has been surprised by this discovery. It is more difficult to agree on meaning.

another puzzle of Adan creationis that Adam himself has a navel. This contradicts the Old Testament, which says that God created Adam using clay and dust, and therefore did not have a mother, so he can’t have a navel. This fact could be related to the representation of the brain.

For some it represents that the brain of God created the human being. But for most experts, the fact that God is inside the brain indicates that God is a human creation. And that is why Adam has a navel, because he was born from a mother and not from God.

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If this was the original idea, Miguel Angel he would be covertly criticizing the Catholic Church. It is known that he did not agree with many of his positions and argued and complained about the impositions of those who, on the other hand, paid for a large part of his works.

Another explanation to the enigmatic Adam’s navel, is that the red cloth around God is shaped like a female uterus, and the green cloth that is seen at the bottom could be the umbilical cord. This would represent that God is also the “mother” of Adam, his creator, and that is why Adam has a navel, because he is “born” of God.

Anatomy experts have also verified that Adam has an extra rib on the left flank: Eve’s rib.

as we see The secrets of The Creation of Adam of Miguel Angel it is still causing debate, more than 500 years after it was painted. What nobody disputes is that it is one of the masterpieces of painting.


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