We love the internet. We use it for its functions, tools and networks. and because it makes work and life in general easier. But like everything, it also has its dark side. and from time to time we may lose our information if our account is hacked.

In the case of the network we call them cybercriminals, a group of mysterious characters who are dedicated to ruining our lives behind the screen and making us lose access to our information.

If that is the case, it is worth asking ourselves, how to recover my account if it was hacked? Here are some answers.

Internet is more essential every day

Information travels instantly and networks are a resource that has become indispensable.

There are email accounts, social networks, messaging, music platforms, games and even bank account management, which makes it increasingly necessary and at the same time more vulnerable.

how to recover my account if it was hacked
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By arranging and storing all this information on the network or in the cloud, we are all vulnerable to becoming a victim of cyber crime. Whether due to bad luck or ill will, hackers can take over an identity in a damaging way or even take over our bank accounts.

The signs that my account was hacked

If you can’t log in with your password, that’s a sign someone else changed it to get into my profile. Before they bribe you or even ask for a ransom to return your data, you have to take action.

how to recover my account if it was hacked
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The steps to follow to recover it

1.- Attempt a password change with the option “I forgot my password” to receive an email or recovery code. Although there is a possibility that the hacker has changed the recovery information. I hope that is not the case.

2.- Make a complaint within the network or tool. You have to contact the site and their technical team to open a case. They will be responsible and will give the corresponding help through the “help” or “security” option of the site or the network.

how to recover my account if it was hacked
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3.- If you receive an email notifying changes or a new entry in my profile, most of the time there will be the option of “It wasn’t me” to notify the network and that they take the corresponding precautions to give you access back.

4.- As a precaution, notify your contacts. There is the possibility that the hacker will play practical jokes and publish false information or even impersonate an identity, in that sense it is worth telling people what happened, this is important since even this will generate access to their accounts.

What precautions are good to prevent my account from being hacked?

Create a strong password

It is basic to have a password that is not easy to detect by any cybercriminal. Short words, proper names or pet names and even dates are very vulnerable. A strong password will prevent many problems.

Using the same password across multiple networks and profiles can also become dangerous, because in the event that any network suffers a password leak, the other profiles will remain within the reach of hackers.

Use two-step verification

If possible, it will be much better have activated the two step verification, requesting a second reconnaissance action, such as sending a code in a telephone message or other different means.

how to recover my account if it was hacked
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Have a recovery email

good to have a recovery email that is always active and accessible to receive any code in order to reset the account or password.

A good antivirus makes the difference

The phishing is the theft of credentials or personal data for hackers to access accounts or banking information. A good antivirus will take care of keeping your data safe.

It is best not to expose the information or share it with strangers and in case of having a hacked account or profile, stay calm and carry out any of the tips mentioned above.

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