Feijóo defends that the PP negotiated the CGPJ but stopped it when he saw that Sánchez "pact with whoever commits a crime"

The national president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nunez Feijoohas defended the negotiations of the PP with the PSOE to try to unblock the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), despite the “wear and tear” that their training may have suffered. And he has justified the conservatives suspending them by certifying “that the government wanted to weaken our institutions.”

The talks were blown up during the afternoon of last Thursday, when the PP suspended them by “verifying” that Pedro Sanchez intends to continue with the reform of the crime of sedition. For this reason, this Saturday in Santiago de Compostela, Feijóo has accused the President of the Executive of preferring “agree with those who commit crimes”.

“It is worth assuming the wear and tear of helping a government in decomposition and we have tried,” said the leader of the Popular Party. “We have tried to propose agreements and pacts (…); among them, that of depoliticize justice. The response ranged between silence and insult,” Núñez Feijóo complained.

[Feijóo supedita los “pactos de Estado” a que Pedro Sánchez deje de ser líder del PSOE]

In his opinion, his outstretched hand to Moncloa has been an “alternative path against radicalism” that the Prime Minister, by “personal decision”, has decided to reject. “Sánchez prefers to govern with independence than with constitutionalism,” he has stated.

“The Penal Code is not agreed with those who commit crimesapplies to those who commit crimes”, Feijóo has summarized. During his speech in the traditional pulpada of the Lugo PP, Feijóo has blamed this position of Sánchez for the failure of the talks to renew the governing body of the Spanish judges, which has almost four years with the mandate extended.The PSOE, on the other hand, insists that the Conservatives had, once again, an “obstructionist attitude”.

“Sánchez confirmed that someone was lying to us during the CGPJ negotiations,” Feijóo said, before providing two possible reasons for them: “He confirmed it either because he wanted to break off the negotiation or because they forced him; you can’t lie to everyone all time”.

Next, Feijóo has criticized the support of the independence groups for the Government of Pedro Sánchez. “The constitutional order is not protected in installments or by parts and it is not compatible to pass a law to deepen the independence of the Judicial Power [con el PP] and, at the same time, agree on a Penal Code with those who want to break it“, he reproached.

Likewise, the leader of the PP has stated that “The sentences of the Supreme are not negotiable, they are fulfilled”alluding both to the resolution that consecrated 25% of Spanish in Catalan classrooms and to the sentences of the High Court to the seditious leaders of the process those who were pardoned by the Government and sentenced to ere case.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has assured, however, that he can “understand” that Sánchez’s position derives from the “inconsistencies of presiding over a Frankenstein Government”, with “internal contradictions” between PSOE and Podemos, and of doing it hand in hand with some partners, the separatists, “who don’t give a damn about Spain”.

But Sanchez —the leader of the opposition has reproached him— “he cannot deliver everything they ask of him.” Feijóo has also accused him of, in order to approve the latest Budgets, “Marketing with issues that have nothing to do with it” with public accounts, cLike the Basque Country surf and baseball teams, the approach of ETA prisoners to Euskadi or the reform of the crime of sedition. For this reason, as summarized, the Government has agreed “seditions, selections and sentences” to approve the 2023 PGE.

In addition, as EL ESPAÑOL has advanced, the leader of the conservatives has made the State pacts subject to Pedro Sánchez not leading the Socialist Party. “With this PP and another PSOE, we will return to them”, he assured.

Source: Elespanol

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