If you want to buy a gaming table, but you are not sure which one to decide on from all the ones on the market, we are going to tell you a series of details that you should pay attention to so that you acquire the best one for you and your budget.

If you want to buy a gaming table, but you don’t know which one to choose exactly from all those currently on the market, it may be a good time for you to read everything that we are going to tell you from now on, since we intend to give you all the data necessary so that you can acquire the one that best suits you.

It is clear that the gaming world has made a quantitative leap in recent years, going from being something that some users who really liked games noticed, to being something much more generalized and not so highly exclusive to those who liked games. passionate about playing with the computer or the console.

Currently, both tables and chairs gaming they can be perfectly associated with users who are not going to use them to play as their first optionbut they intend to take advantage of all its virtues, but oriented towards other types of uses.

This type of gaming desks They are designed to meet the needs of all those who are video game fans, but they can also be perfectly valid for other types of users.

The main difference with the traditional type is based on aesthetics. present much more modern designs, sometimes incorporating even LED lights to give it a much more dynamic look.

The materials used are also different to those we have in traditional tables, in addition to the fact that gaming tables usually have certain parts that will help to spend more hours in front of the computer, such as holders for headphones, drinks or controllersadded to holes to hide the wiring.

The vast majority of the time this type of tables it dispenses with what are the drawers so that it is the user who makes the best use of the space below it.

Main advantages of a gaming table

Having a gaming table can mean a series of advantages with respect to the ones we have known all our lives, some of them quite significant to opt for this type of product.

The main benefits of these gaming desks are:

  • Space: they usually have large boards, much larger than what we see in traditional ones. Both the length and the width are greater, thanks to their Z or T designs as far as their structure is concerned, granting a really wide work area, where we can have a lot of freedom to place different elements that we need.

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  • Materials: these types of desks are prepared to support more weight than those we have traditionally seen, not in vain their materials are of greater consistency, resistance and durability. The bottom of these tables are usually made of aluminium, others in steel and some are even made of iron. The normal thing for the board is that there is a combination of PVC wood and carbon fiber, although those that are considered very high-end, have the latter fiber.

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  • Added: these types of tables take into account everything that a user can use at a gaming level. Large mats can be placed on them, without this being a problem for space, they also come with special hooks for helmets, with an accessory to place our drinks, they can also carry LED lights and, in some cases, even tickets USB.


What should we take into account when buying a gaming table

The moment we want to buy a gaming table, we are going to realize that there are currently a good number of possibilities on the market and that is something that can end up confusing us.

In order to acquire the best possible table within our budget, we must look at certain details that will make the difference between one and the other so that our decision will be easier to make.


The first thing we are going to have to do is take a tape measure and measure the space we have in the area where we are going to put our new table. Remember that these measurements must be in all directions, that is, both in height, width and depth.

Once the measurements are totally clear, then it’s time to look for a table that perfectly suits them. From there, we will consider other parameters, knowing that we will not have any problem with space.


The second thing we need to be aware of is the weight supported by the tablesince it is another of the fundamental parts of any utensil of this type.

All gaming tables are usually quite robust and normally they hold a lot of weightbut even so, we must make sure what that amount is, to know if it is enough for what we plan to place on the desktop.

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Another of the things that many users tend to overlook is if we are talking about a easy or complicated table to assemble.

Normally, this kind of thing we can see on the official pages from each of the manufacturers of these products, but if we don’t find it there, we can use forums, comments on the pages that sell it and even YouTube videos, where they teach us how to assemble it.

If you are a handyman and you don’t have any kind of problem when it comes to DIY, possibly this part will not matter to you, but if not, a simple assembly is always appreciated.

In addition, we can also find out if the necessary tools and accessories for installation are included in the shipment, something that is normally the case, but is not always fulfilled.


Every good gaming table must bring certain accessories that allow more comfort to the person who is going to spend a long time playing in front of the computer or console.

The truth is that not all of them have all the possible additions, but we can consider a minimum that the vast majority of these tables usually have.

Two things that never fail are both the headphone holder and the coaster for drinks.. In addition, they usually come with holes for cables, either on the back sides of it or in the four corners.

From there, there are certain additions that depend on the model, we can enjoy them or not. Some gaming tables bring directly a mat for the mouse perfectly adapted to the measurements of the desk, they can also bring USB ports and LED lighting to give an even more spectacular touch to the table.

With everything you have been able to read, you will be able to buy the best gaming table on the market for you and the budget you have, since there are currently desks of this type for practically all pockets.

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