On October 27, the capital of Seville brought together more than two hundred personalities from the economic, business, investment and organizational spheres from all over Ibero-America to celebrate the presentation gala of the Ranking Top100 Innovative Leaderspowered by the Red Business Market, The Company Journal Y The Latin American Journal.

The awards valued the transformative contributions of leading men and women in different areas of national and international innovation. In addition, they had the support of the public-private collaboration of entities such as the Seville City Council, the Huelva Provincial Council, the Woman Week Foundation or Ecofin, among others.

Among the awardees is Cruz Sanchez de Laravice president of EL ESPAÑOL and editor of ENCLAVE ODS and MagasIN.

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Innovation for change

During the gala held at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, the character of transformer of those present and their contribution to progress of the territories.

Clara Sanchez, General Secretary of Vocational Training, pointed out in her speech as an awardee for her commitment to innovation in the educational system through her commitment to VT as a national reference element, that there is no quality vocational training without a company. “We are promoting à la carte training to improve the professional qualifications of teams in a world that is constantly changing.”

The General Director of Public Affairs of Google Spain and Portugal, Michael Escassi, He highlighted the existing talent in the territory and the capacity for innovation of an economic, business and entrepreneurial fabric that is today a benchmark in the world. “Seville is a cutting-edge city with the opportunity before it to continue promoting a benchmark innovation ecosystem,” he said.

For its part, Sonia Gayafirst deputy mayor of the Seville City Council, said: “Far beyond tourism, which will continue to be a fundamental pillar of productive development and job creation, Seville looks decisively at innovation. With benchmarks such as the Technology and Science Park of Cartuja, with a year of record turnover of more than three billion euros and which today houses more than 250 technology companies and 25,000 innovative jobs in line with the framework of the fourth technological revolution”.

Also, Antony Ragusa, International Award in the 2022 edition, underlined the importance of innovation as an element that generates wealth and opportunities for companies and people in a world that is constantly changing, full of challenges, but also opportunities.

Leaders to change the world

The Top100 Innovative Leaders Ranking, in its 2022 edition, structured its awards into several categories:

Women leaders of reference in the innovative field. In the category, the awards recognized outstanding referents:

  • Sara de la Rica, director of Iseak and director of Iberdrola.
  • Judit Giro, CEO The Blue Box.
  • Alicia Asin, CEO of Libelum.
  • Maria Parga, founder of Ways.
  • Isabel Muela, director in Spain of Sustainable Way.
  • María Sanz de Galdeano, managing director of CEIN.
  • Beatriz Crespo, CEO Founder Greedom & Flow.
  • Beatriz Casado, vice president of the Harvard Spain Club.
  • Sandra Rodríguez Checa, president of EMPYMES.
  • Carmen María García, president of the Womans Week Foundation.
  • Pilar Gómez, president of Microsoft Western Europe.
  • Judit Hidalgo, manager of Andorra Business.

startup ecosystem. In the field of the startup ecosystem, the Ranking recognized different personalities. This award wanted to highlight the innovative talent of an increasingly relevant ecosystem for the national economy. Some of the recognized personalities were:

  • Pedro Munoz, from Easo Ventures.
  • Paloma Mas Pellicer, of Plug and Play Ventures.
  • Eneko Knorr, from Onyze.
  • Luz Adell, from B1 Drapper.
  • Carmen Martínez, from Big Ban private investors.
  • José Luis de Cachavera, from StartupXplore.
  • Carlos Blanco of Encomienda Smart and Nuclio.
  • Tom Horsey, from Eoniz.
  • Paloma Hair from HG Beyond.
  • Fernando Rodríguez Alemany, of 15k Angels and Vanguard.
  • Jesus Alonso Gallo, from Cupid Capital.
  • Elena García, from Bstartup Sabadell.

Business education and innovation. During the gala, references such as:

  • Luis Madrid Giménez, from Agora Lledó.
  • Francisco Santos Villalón, founder of the School of Business and Management.
  • María Saiz Santos, promoter and director of the Master of Entrepreneurship at the UPV.
  • Iñaki Bilbao, from AWS and former vice-rector at the Universidad San Pablo CEU.
  • Álvaro Moreno, CEO of Innventuur Francisco Espinosa.
  • Sandra García-Sanjuán, president of Starlite.
  • Irene Cano, director of Facebook Spain and Portugal.
  • Javier Merías, from Plug and Play Ventures.
  • Juan Latasa, president of MIT Spain.

Latin America. The event also wanted to have a look at Latin America, so it highlighted personalities such as:

  • Rodolfo Games, president of APIA.
  • Yohania de Armas, president of the Red Conecta.
  • Luis Miguel Jaramillo, president of the Ibero-American Network of Young Leaders.
  • Mariyeni del Carmen, CEO of Della Capital.
  • Fabia Silva, CEO of Dronak.
  • Sergio Mauricio Asbun, CEO of the Economic Bank.
  • Verónica Ruiz del Vizo, CEO of Team Remote.
  • Tatiana Chavariaga, CEO of Healphy.
  • María Victoria Valencia, CEO of the Hispanic American Business Congress.
  • Italo Torrese, vice president of CAMACOL.
  • José Barletta, CEO of Miami Opportunity.

Social, transformative, sustainable and managerial leaders. Josu Gómez, CEO of the Business Market Network, highlighted “the fundamental contribution that all those people who, from a disruptive, innovative and socially responsible approach, today offer a society of better progress for all of us who live in she.

In this sense, during the gala, benchmarks in the field of economic, productive or industrial transformation were awarded, such as:

  • Cipri Quintas, businessman.
  • Pilar Jericó, lecturer and expert in personnel management.
  • Víctor Kuppers, professor at the University of Barcelona.
  • Leticia Espinosa de los Monteros, president of the Círculo Orellana.
  • Bisilia Bokoko, CEO of BBES.
  • Jordi Gallardo, Minister of the Presidency of the Government of the Principality of Andorra.
  • Javier Cámara, CEO of Beebe.
  • Ginés Clemente, president of Aciturri.
  • Javier Floren, CEO of 3d For Science.
  • Dimas Gimeno, WOW.
  • Cruz Sánchez de Lara, vice president of EL ESPAÑOL and editor of ENCLAVE ODS.
  • Bernardo Quintero, CEO of Virus Total.
  • Miguel Escassi, General Director of Public Affairs of Google for Spain and Portugal.

In the social sphere, the role of:

  • Patrizia Laplana, from Asla Green Solutions.
  • Javier Larrañaga, director of the Urbegi Foundation.
  • Ciro Lacomino, coordinator of the UAM entrepreneurship programs.
  • Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of the Finnova Foundation.
  • Alonso Salguero, CEO of GTA engineering and environment.
  • Tomás García Figueras and Rafael Selma, from APPS Mobile and Luzia Energía.
  • Ainhoa ​​Lete from Bun Planet.
  • Grancisco Guillen, from Rural Innovation Hub.
  • Verónica Dambrogio, CEO and founder of the School for Young Entrepreneurs.
  • María José Valero, from Tecnovation Girls.
  • Pilar Manchon, from Google Research.
  • Beatriz Magro, from Kombucha.
  • Vicente Salinas, from Plus Vitech.
  • Tenerko Lozano, from Circular Hub.
  • Victor Martin of Macco Robotics.
  • Antonio Mengual, director of the Don Bosco Foundation.

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