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According to the profile made by the director of the intelligence group Site, Rita Katz, DePape is “a prolific blogger”

David DePape, center, arms raised, at a pro-nude rally in San Francisco.Eric RisbergAP

While Paul Pelosihusband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of USANancy Pelosi, is recovering from the surgery to which she has been subjected after the assault she suffered at her home in San Francisco by a man armed with a hammer, other details emerge about the profile of the aggressor, David DePape.

In the social networks of David DePape You can find several videos that question the result of the 2020 presidential elections, as well as others that support markedly anti-vaccine and anti-Semitic positions, always protected by conspiracy theories sponsored by QAnon.

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According to the profile made by the director of the intelligence group If you, Rita Katzthe 32-year-old is “a prolific blogger of anti-Semitic and conspiratorial content” on his website, no longer available, write about loving God and railing against censorship, communists, and the “ruling class.” The blog was titled Welcome to the hell of big brother censorship.

Depape denied the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Last year, he posted multiple videos on his Facebook channels of Donald Trump ally and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindellin which he claimed that Joe Biden had stolen the 2020 elections.

“Very rare”, according to his acquaintances

To confirm the thesis that DePape was a conspiracy theorist just take a look at the videos posted on his YouTube channel. Youtube against the commission of investigation for the assault on the Capitol, which are entitled Democratic Charade Commission to Investigate January 6 Capitol Riot. In other posts, CNN reports, he suggested pages criticizing flu vaccines. covidwhich he considered lethal, and also supported the theory called great resetaccording to which global elites would use the covid to reform the world and gain power.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband violently attacked at home in San Francisco

The man’s stepfather has told CNN that DePape I grew up in the British Columbiabut he left canada a California 20 years ago for a relationship. Acquaintances of his describe him as “very rare”. Over the years, DePape has lived in tents and sheds.

The name of DePape also appears in the Oakland Tribune 2008, when he and a woman called gypsy taubex stripper, a nudist activist and supporter of the 9/11 conspiracy of Russian descent, attended a Thanksgiving meal in the community with “her three little children.” DePape attended years later as a guest at the woman’s wedding to another man. He has also participated in various rallies in favor of nudism in public spaces.

before attacking Paul Pelosithe 32-year-old would have entered the back of the couple’s house shouting “Where’s Nancy?”. When the agents arrived a few minutes later, he simply argued, “We’re waiting for Nancy.”

Charged with attempted murder and assault, David DePape has been arrested by the local police in a joint operation with the FBI.


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