Balcony in autumn and winter
How to protect furniture and plants from the cold

Some potted plants should rather spend the winter indoors.

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It’s about time to prepare the balcony for autumn and winter. This is how you protect plants, furniture and co. from the cold season.

With the shorter days, many plants find it harder to survive outdoors. A few preparations are required to ensure that balcony furniture and plants survive the wet and cold season unscathed and can be used again next year.

These plants belong in the house

Not all potted plants are suitable for the fall weather change. Especially at night it is too cold for some flowers in autumn. From less than ten degrees, geraniums and bougainvilleas belong indoors, preferably in a dark place at ten to 15 degrees. Before moving to the winter quarters, the plants should be checked for pests, fertilized one last time and cut back. It should not get too warm during the autumn and winter breaks, as this attracts parasites. In addition, only sparing watering and good ventilation apply.

Protect hardy plants on the balcony

Pansies, lavender, herbs such as sage or thyme as well as ivy and roses survive the winter season on the balcony – despite the freezing cold. However, they cannot do without protection. When it comes to potted plants, the most important thing is to keep the roots alive. From the end of October you should therefore cover them with leaves or fir branches to keep frost away. Buckets also do not belong directly on the ground. The cold thus reaches the roots more quickly, which are usually damp due to the wet autumn weather and then freeze. Styrofoam plates, wooden boards or a sleeping mat offer sufficient protection. Also place the plants close to the wall of the house.

Clean garden cushions

If garden cushions spend most of the summer outside, stains and dirt accumulate over time. If the cushions have a removable cover, all the better: it is quickly clean again after washing at 30 degrees in the machine. Important: Always take a look at the washing label beforehand.

If the cover cannot be removed, sensitive care is required. In such a case, the upholstery does not belong in the washing machine. Instead, first treat the stains with lukewarm water and a soft brush, adding a little detergent if necessary. Harsh detergents and scrubbing too hard can damage the upholstery and the color will fade.

Once the upholstery has been cleaned, it should be allowed to dry completely before storing. Wet pillows quickly form mold. If you don’t have a garment bag, you can store the upholstery in a large garbage bag. This keeps dust and moths away.

Cover balcony furniture

In addition to the upholstery, the balcony furniture also needs weather protection. The material plays a decisive role here. If benches, tables and chairs are made of metal or plastic, they can easily remain outdoors with a protective cover. Wooden furniture made of ruby ​​or eucalyptus needs impregnation, then they can endure on the balcony in the cold season. Lacquered furniture, on the other hand, belongs in the basement. Here, too, make absolutely sure that there is no moisture. The same applies to the parasol. If you also remove dirt and algae from it, you will still have some of your sun protection in the next season.


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