In addition to the fact that the opinion of the Venice commission does not strictly say what they say it says, the resistance of the undersigned political scientists has just appeared asking for the salvation of the INE, although the promoters of the letter are former INE officials, functional advisers to the agency and losses among dozens of names appears nothing less than the signature of José Woldenberg asking to save INE from José Woldenberg.

Founded in 1990 by Salinas, reformed in 1996 by Zedillo, used for the electoral fraud of 2006 and commanded by Enrique Peña Nieto in the electoral reform of the Pact for Mexico! Since 2012, the current National Electoral Institute has become the political front of a campaign to combat, they say, López Obrador populism that moves with the rules of the game of democracy.

It was José Córdova Vianello’s own INE, Woldenberg’s adviser at the IFE in 1994 in the second batch of citizen councils, who asked the Venice Commission to analyze President López Obrador’s political-electoral reform initiative, even before be a formal initiative and, of course, without having been adjusted to the parliamentary negotiations that usually modify the original proposals.

That is to say, the outgoing president of the INE involved an international organization in the qualification of an initiative and brought the Venice Commission into the Mexican legislative commissions that are just reviewing the original electoral initiative. As a self-managed father who defends procedural electoral democracy, Córdova broke the democratic mechanisms of parliamentary debate and turned an international organization into a pressure group to get involved in the democratic debate of the Mexican Congress, which has its own rules. The president’s counselor’s intention was to break the democratic mechanism of legislative discussion to attract a European older brother as an authoritarian and disqualifying surveillance body of the democratic legislative process in Mexico.

The conclusions of the Venice Commission are careful and do not completely disqualify the Morenista initiative and are based on an original error: the opinion of 17 pages in a row says that “an (electoral) system that works well in general” should not be changed. , when the INE was born as IFE to cover up the Salinista electoral fraud of 1988, to institute a general council defined by the government in turn with the complicity of its majority political party in the Chamber of Deputies, which endorsed the electoral fraud of 2006 and recognized with the shameful dismissal of the president advisor Luis Carlos Ugalde that was imposed by the teacher Elba Esther Gordillo in a PRI-PAN complicity, that allowed all the electoral irregularities in the elections of Peña Nieto in 2012 and whose current president Córdova was the decision of a secret PRI-PAN agreement and President Peña Nieto in the context of the confirmation reforms of the neoliberal project of the Pact for Mexico.

The Venice Commission should be asked to explain whether the Mexican electoral system “works well” when in the legislative and municipal elections of 2021 the INE allowed the interference of organized crime in the appointment of candidates, the financing of campaigns and, above all, the use of criminal force to benefit certain candidates for governors, mayors and legislators.

And the Venice Commission should also explain whether an electoral structure whose officials are part of a golden caste that bleeds the public budget and refuses to comply with the democratic mandate of the Morenista legislative majority that approved a law “works well” in reality. of Republican austerity to cap high salaries and benefits for election officials who sacrifice themselves to defend democracy, of course, charging stratospheric salaries. And the Venice Commission should also clarify whether the appointment of citizen councilors by party quotas is a mechanism that works well, when all the current electoral councilors are part of negotiations with the political parties that they have to monitor.

The invocation of the Venice Commission to the current functioning of the INE, the decision of the President Córdova to involve a foreign body to dismember and discredit an initiative that had barely begun to travel through the democratic legislative channels and the presence of Woldenberg in the letter of the undersigned claiming that they please save the INE from the populist ogre agrees with the political sense of the presidential initiative.

policy for dummies: As Machiavelli wrote, “security for man is impossible unless he associates himself with power.”
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