In many places around the world, marijuana cultivation is legal under certain conditions. California was one of the states that allowed the medical use of cannabis almost a quarter of a century ago. But would you expect nuns to be involved in the cannabis business? Siotra Kate talks about the industry in the place of “green fever”.

California cannabis legalization

California is the cannabis mecca of the United States for a reason. There were legends about California drought, but it owes its fame largely to the legal aspects of the substance.

It was first state to legalize medical marijuana back in 1996a for several years now, you can take it recreationally. Any California citizen over the age of 21 can grow up to six marijuana plants and have up to 29 grams of dried fruit.

Residents use the right, which is still unique in the country and the world. Legalization of marijuana – according to local authorities – is to take over the black market of selling this drug and allow for taxation of industry controlled by the state – the value of the “green market” is forecasted at $ 7 billion.

As it turns out, Californian nuns are also in business.

Zakkonice od herb – feminists and entrepreneurs

“Siostry z Doliny” is an extraordinary example of a female collective. Better known, however, under the name “herb sisters”.

The self-proclaimed nun enclave identifies itself as a group of healers, feminists, and businesswomen. They wear immaculately white habits, burn incense, meditate. They don’t identify with any particular religion. They also grow marijuana on their property in Merced County.

They are run by sister Kate, who treats the order as part of the cannabis industry. “I chose a messy industry,” he told the BBC.

Women manage 60 cannabis bushes and sell them for medical purposes. While California cannabis law seems very convenient for people who want to grow it, it’s not so obvious.

State law is full of regulatory loopholes, which means that the legality of cultivation varies by county and city. Many places are excluded from legalization, and others find it difficult to obtain permits.

Nuns avoid the law. Their county does not fall under the statute

Herb Nuns do not fall under the law of the California government. Kate’s sister says they actually “may have shut her down a long time ago” because their cultivation is … illegal.

However, he admits that “The sheriffs know it, they just let me do it”. According to the woman, the authorities do not want to fight growers, so they turn a blind eye to the crops.

On the basis of hemp, nuns create, among others strong CBD oils, ointments and medicinal products. In a BBC article, however, nuns regret that difficult times are ahead for their business.

Before the pandemic, they were earning up to $ 1.2 million a year. Now that’s up to half as much. California has imposed so many taxes on the marijuana supply chain, and it is driving people to act outside the regulation. Operating legally is much more expensive.

The sisters, however, would be happy to act in accordance with the law if breeding in their county was legal. “It would be a win. […] we believe in paying taxes. “

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