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Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Mario Córdova España, former director of the Institute of Mobility and Transportation of Jalisco, described the statements of Diego Monraz Villaseñor, Secretary of Transportation, as lies, who attributed to him that the current rate and the piggy banks do not give change.

MURAL today published the sayings of Monraz, in which he called it “clumsy” to establish the cost of the ticket at 9.50; also He assured that it is Córdova’s fault that the piggy banks do not return 50 cents.

Córdova España denied its participation in both processes.

“In these times there was a Tariff Commission. It was made up of many sectors: private, the Observatory, etc., and there was a whole analysis procedure. (…) Opinions were made frequently, they were presented to the Plenary. The last one that my clearance was 9.50.

Mario Córdova did not authorize it, the Commission authorized it. The final opinion appeared in the Official State Newspaper, therefore my signature does not appear,” he replied to the Secretary.

The former official stated that Monraz and Governor Enrique Alfaro knew of the ruling. He even revealed that there was an agreement to approve the increase before the emecist president took office.

“The last one was this, that it should not be done, they were aware of it. There were even some considerations that they preferred that the rate be increased before their Administration entered so as not to assume the political costs,” he remarked.

Córdova Spain criticized Monraz for not correcting the errors attributed to him.

“What a pity that an official tells lies about the fact that I was the designer of a non-existent norm. Secondly, that he raises the issue of a 2018 rate, when he has been in government for more than four years and yes, he considers it a mistake, why hasn’t he corrected it?

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“That was in 2018, August, many years have passed () They could have lowered it to 9 pesos, they could have increased it to 10 pesos. There are already many years to wash your hands of a previous decision, “he insisted.

As if that were not enough, the former head of the disappeared Institute of Mobility and Transport He argued that there is also no standard for the size of piggy banksas stated by Monraz.

“There is no rule that says ‘the piggy banks are of this type, they only accept whole coins, not fractions’, we did not even make a rule. That is a lie. There is a rule that was made with the technical coordination of Siteur (…) the Interoperable Collection System, that standard does exist, but it defines aspects of a different nature,” he explained.

He added that the emecistas adjusted to the offer of the providers.

“Also, they chose among various providers. You don’t know who they are? They adjusted to the conditions of the providers! “, He finished.

Finally, he suggested that the Secretary’s accusation has a political bias.

It was a political pronouncement. Take advantage of the ‘trip’ to attack the University (from Guadalajara), where I am an academic member, because at the University there is a Federation of University Students that has historically demanded the quality of public transport and, lately, has been pointing out the 50 cent thing for years,” said Córdova España.

Mario Córdova Spain was director of the Jalisco Institute of Mobility and Transportation from 2013 to 2018, during the administration of PRI member Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval. At the entrance of Governor Enrique Alfaro they extinguished the dependency.

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